Featured News

Register for the Console Closed Alpha!

20 September 2021

Registration is now open for all Xbox and PlayStation players!

June 3rd Hotfix

3 June 2021

Bug fixes and reverting the sticky aim for controllers in today's hotfix!

What’s Happening This Week

2 June 2021

Check out what the team is working on this week!

Early Access Month 1: For Keeps

28 May 2021

1 million Explorers, a (very) small update on console, and thanks for sticking with us

May 28th Hotfix

28 May 2021

Find out what’s being fixed and adjusted in our latest Scavengers hotfix

ScavLab is coming on Saturday, May 29th!

27 May 2021

Join thousands of other players together on our shared community platform: ScavLab!

May 26th Patch Notes

26 May 2021

Check out the changes in our latest game update!

New Cosmetic Items are Coming!

24 May 2021

New ways to customize your Scavengers experience!

Progression, Rewards, and Unlocked Accounts

21 May 2021

Try out everything in Scavengers before the final wipe!