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26 July 2021


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This will be a regular series where we’ll take a look at what the team is focusing their attention on this week, as well as their response to some of the top community feedback and suggestions we’ve received. You can also get a peek at the content and blogs planned for this week.

Developer Focus

Scavengers Dev Focus July 26th

Here, we’ll talk about some of the top topics that the team is working on this week. This isn’t their only focus - we’ll be highlighting only the main topics they’re focused on:

  • July 28th Hotfix: There will be a hotfix rolling out this Wednesday to address some bug fixes. Keep an eye out for the full Hotfix Notes, coming later this week.
  • Horde Mode: Last week we introduced our PvE Horde Mode. We appreciate all the feedback that we’ve received around it so far and we’re already working on additional content to be added to that mode.
  • R.A.S.P. Rocket: In Horde Mode, we introduced a new way to leave the planet: the R.A.S.P Rocket. We’re already thinking on how else we can use the R.A.S.P. in Expedition Mode...
  • Matchmaking Improvement: We’re continuing to work on building a matchmaking system that allows us to quickly and easily tune different variables. We’re getting close to releasing the first version of this matchmaker, which includes preferentially matching for new players against other new players.

Top Community Feedback

Scavengers Community Feedback July 26

We’re on this Scavengers journey with you, and we want to improve and refine the game with the feedback and suggestions from our community. Although the team is constantly going through your feedback and incorporating them into our updates and hotfixes, we haven’t had a really good way to let you know what might be coming in the medium to long term.

So, every week, we'll share our thoughts on some of the top community feedback topics that we’ve been seeing on our platforms. We may work on some of these for a future update; some of these could be part of a long-term plan and might not have a date for when they’ll arrive in Scavengers. Others, we may be investigating or considering adding, but can’t promise that you’ll see them in the game. Finally, for some, we want to continue hearing your feedback and thoughts on them, to ensure we’re considering the right way to approach it. Let’s break them down:

Future Update:

For these, we’re planning to add them to Scavengers at some point, but don’t have a confirmed release date yet. They are part of our mid to long-term plans, so it could be months before they are available in-game.

  • Earning Battle Pass Season Points: Currently, the only way to earn SP is to complete Challenges. In the future, we plan to include other ways to earn Season Points, including a Season Points (SP) boost event this weekend!
  • Horde Mode Improvements: We mentioned it above as part of this week’s focus, but we’re looking at how to improve Horde Mode. We’ve heard your feedback and would love to know how else we can improve this PvE mode. Keep sharing your ideas and suggestions with us!
  • Already Completed Challenges: Currently, some players are receiving Challenges that they can’t complete - either because they’ve already finished all the requirements for it (e.g. Research Uncommon Item), or because their level is too low (e.g. Craft Epic Signature Weapon). We plan to fix this logic in the future so that players don’t get stuck with a Challenge that isn’t feasible.


We’re looking into these topics, to ensure that they are currently working as intended.

  • Single Team Hurry Up: The Dropship leaving early is a great time-saver after a lobby wipe, but sometimes it happens a little too quickly. We’re investigating how we can balance this better.

Blogs & Events

Scavengers Blogs and Events July 26

Here’s where we’ll keep you updated on what blog and events you might see!


We’ll be performing a Hotfix in the middle of this week to address some bug fixes.

The Mutator GunFu and Mutator Arsenal events will be back this Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. Keep an eye out this weekend for a special SP event, to help you progress through your Battle Pass faster!


Our next Community Roundup will be going live at the end of the week, with some of our favorite content created by you.

We’re committed to creating Scavengers with our amazing players. Please share your feedback and suggestions on Discord and Twitter and let us know your thoughts on our focus topics.

July 28th Hotfix

28 July 2021

Today's hotfix irons out some Challenges issues, plus display and messaging fixes.

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26 July 2021

More Mutators, along with a special weekend boost