June 29th Hotfix

28 June 2021


We’re planning to release a hotfix on Tuesday, June 29th around 2 AM PT / 10 AM BST. The main goal of the hotfix is to address the Salvage and Storm issues. It will also include a couple of minor Quality of Life changes.

Hotfix Changes

  • Bug Fixed: Fixed many instances where players did not receive Salvage after the match ended
  • Bug Fixed: Reduced the frequency and size of roaming storms
  • Bug Fixed: Adjusted areas flooded with snow to help prevent some visual glitches
  • QoL Change: The Map and Minimap now also display the direction to the end of the Storm's path
  • QoL Change: Item and Weapon pings now display the rarity color of the Item or Weapon

Please continue sharing your feedback and thoughts with us - we’re grateful for all the reports we’ve had from everyone so far. They’ve helped us address key issues quickly and effectively at this early stage. This is all an integral part of the Scavengers Early Access journey and we hope you’ll continue to join us in the months ahead.

If you haven’t already, join our Discord to talk to fellow Explorers and our team, or follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates!

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