June 3rd Hotfix

3 June 2021


We have deployed a hotfix to address some known issues. We’re continuing to investigate and correct other issues that have been reported by you during Early Access. Keep an eye out for additional bug fixes in future updates.

Revert Aim Assist Change

In the May 26th update, we increased the strength of sticky aim. We hoped that this would improve the experience for those of you using a controller. Based on your feedback, however, we realized this isn’t the case - we actually made it worse. In this hotfix, we’re reverting our change.

  • Revert: Decreased the strength of the sticky aim for controllers to pre-May 26th update levels

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: All players can purchase items in the game Shop
  • Fixed: High value objectives no longer spawn inside the circle storm
  • Fixed: Challenges correctly reward Chips when completed
  • Fixed: Slide audio is no longer stuck in a loop
  • Fixed: Players are now correctly credited the Scrap used if the Keeper is canceled when opening the Supply Drop
  • Fixed: Players can no longer accidentally purchase an item in the Shop twice
  • Fixed: Curtain Call emote now works in-game
  • Fixed: Players no longer desync after reviving a teammate

Weapon Challenges

Update: We previously shared some info about new Weapon Challenges. This has been pushed back for a later update as we work on a few more refinements. Apologies for the inconvenience!

All the changes, updates and hotfixes we roll out are direct results of all the amazing feedback, bug-reporting and suggestions that come directly from our community. Thank you and please keep sharing your feedback with us!

ScavLab May Event Recap

3 June 2021

Over 4,000 Explorers joined in our first public ScavLab gathering. Here’s what happened!

What’s Happening This Week

2 June 2021

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