November Game Updates & Patch Notes

4 November 2020

Check out what’s changed in our game since our last PC Technical Playtest!


  • We’ve made improvements to the reliability of Letty’s ability.

  • There are now more voice lines for each character.

Key Game Updates

  • Research System: Players will now experience session to session progression in Scavengers as they dig their hands into the research system. You can now find salvage items from days of old at scavenging sites across the planet. Find them and extract them safely off the planet to reap the rewards.

    • Successful match performance and leveling up characters will also reward you with salvage. From there, you can use the research system to break down the salvage into materials and components. These are the parts that go into researching items like wildcard weapons, deployables, and consumables. Collect salvage, stock up on the parts you need, and start research projects so you can access the variety of loadout options available.
  • The Shop: We’ve implemented a simple version of the storefront! We’re featuring 3 characters by default to everyone: Tarik, Valora, and Halden. You’ll be awarded chips to purchase other characters, XP boosters, or character skins. Play sessions to earn more chips!

    • Note: at this time, items and characters rewarded via chips that are either automatically granted to the player or earned through sessions. This content will be available in the store in the future full game for hard currency. Items and characters granted in this technical playtest will not carry over to release.
  • Localization: We’ve begun localization efforts on Scavengers with 5 languages - Russian, Catalonian Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, and Simplified Chinese.

  • Matchmaking Timer: You can now view the expected wait time for different regions. This will indicate how long you’re expected to wait before being matched into a session.

  • Text chat is now available for those who don’t have mics. Simply press ENTER to start typing a message. TAB switches you between team (invited players) and party (queued players) chat.

  • You can now search for and invite players from different regions.

Game Mode

  • There will be new, high-value objectives that appear on the map in the later stages of the game!

  • Eliminating the last member of a team will now cause them to drop all of the datapoints they were holding. Seize the opportunities if you can!

Core Gameplay

  • TTK (Time To Kill) is now shorter: After hearing feedback on the length of time to kill in PT7, we have done a tuning pass across stat values and weapons for a shorter TTK.

  • Player health has been lowered and shield upgrade amounts are smaller.

  • New weapon configs and craftable items will be available to add to your loadout.

  • Weapon projectile velocities have increased!

  • We’ve made some improvements to Vehicles:

    • Lowered drive height and improved handling
    • New sound and visual effects
    • The first person to enter a vehicle will automatically be put into the driver’s seat
    • You can boost the vehicle up and over obstacles with the jump button (Space on mouse + keyboard/A on gamepad)
    • New talents to add to your loadout and customize your playstyle


  • We’ve improved collision throughout the world to help combat and traversal experiences.

  • There are general optimization across the map.


  • Map improvements:

    • Vehicles now stay marked for your team
    • The leading player/team is now indicated via a hot-zone on the map - keep an eye out!
  • Draft Improvements

    • You can now show your preferred character to your team while in the draft. Right-click a character to favorite them. This will show a check mark on their character card, indicating to your team that they’re your first pick.
  • We’ve also done an art pass on several menu and HUD elements.


  • Hopefully, some music to your ears - there are now tons of new sound effects and music throughout the game!

As always, don’t forget to fill out the in-game feedback survey after each playtest - we appreciate everyone’s input, as this helps us continue to improve the game. Help shape the game by sharing your thoughts and comments! You can also leave comments in #Scavengers-Feedback in our Discord.

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