October 6th Update

6 October 2021


We’ll be performing an update today, Wednesday, October 6th, around 8 AM PT / 4 PM BST. There will be downtime during this update, which is expected to last 1 hour and 30 mins.

Here’s what to expect in this update:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Red WiFi ping indicator flickering
  • Fixed: No sound effects are heard when hitting AI with a vehicle
  • Fixed: HUD disappears after changing the Resolution while in a match
  • Fixed: The Curtain Call icon appears larger than other icons on the Emote Wheel
  • Fixed: Incorrect sound effects were heard when shooting some metallic camp assets
  • Fixed: Players on Recent Players list sometimes incorrectly show as ‘Sent you a friend request’ instead of ‘In party’
  • Fixed: Kali sometimes still visible when using Active Camo in Rin’s Smoke Bomb or while in a Storm
  • Fixed: When assigning the ‘Fancy Feet’ emote to Kali’s Emote Wheel, the ‘Fancy Feet’ icon isn’t visible
  • Fixed: The Keeper is sometimes very bright when viewed at a distance
  • Fixed: Letty’s Classic Backpack will sometimes not adhere to her, making it appear to float
  • Fixed: First text message sent is not visible
  • Fixed: Jae’s Survival Instinct skin will sometimes have cloth clipping with his Maverick
  • Fixed: Loot can sometimes drop in inaccessible places
  • Fixed: Map shows icons outside the Storm boundary
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, the mini-map icons are always oriented towards the north
  • Fixed: Fog of War should be disabled in the Tutorial and Horde Mode
  • In PvE Expedition Mode, players can reset the Dropship timer by entering and exiting a vehicle
  • In PvE Expedition Mode, the team objective marker is different from the Scrap marker on the chest
  • Fixed: The mini-map animation when some camp chests are looted is occasionally incorrect
  • Fixed: Adjusted sound effects for Bloatbiles when inside buildings
  • Fixed: Adjusted timing for Mother voice line and Level update music when they overlapped
  • Fixed: Multiple Berry Bushes cannot be harvested
  • Fixed: Music from some Emotes still persists after switching to a different tab while the Emote animation is active
  • Fixed: Outlander Shryke cape animations don’t work correctly
  • Fixed: Players are unable to use the Explorer Ability while an Emote is active
  • Fixed: Clouds sometimes look pixelated
  • Fixed: Sometimes there is no collision when the Dropship lands on a player, and the player is able to move around underneath the Dropship
  • Fixed: Red WiFi icon is visible post-match, even when it wasn’t visible during the match
  • Fixed: Storm cloud texture was sometimes incorrect
  • Fixed: Rin’s Title Wildcard did not display correctly
  • Fixed: AI enemies sometimes spawn underneath the floor
  • Fixed: Sliding into a corner sometimes causes the Explorer to flicker when standing
  • Fixed: Sluka’s pustules sometimes don’t take damage from Explosive rounds
  • Fixed: Sniper glint sometimes doesn’t show up correctly or move with the sniper rifle
  • Fixed: Spectator Mode camera sometimes set too low to the ground
  • Fixed: Splash damage sometimes doesn’t work correctly
  • Fixed: Sometimes unable to navigate tabs and menus with the keyboard or gamepad
  • Fixed: Stun Trap sometimes too visible to the enemy team
  • Fixed the ‘Wiggle Room’ Emote causes some Explorer skins to behave unnaturally
  • Fixed: The pulley systems on the upper deck of encampments have incorrect collision damage, forcing players to jump over them
  • Fixed: Players get stuck after driving a vehicle under the Dropship
  • Fixed: Players sometimes fall through the map after respawning
  • Fixed: Valora’s Devastator didn’t properly track damage for the Deal 2,000 Damage with Shotgun Challenge
  • Fixed: Challenges with large SP awards don’t fit in the Challenge box
  • Fixed: Career Challenges will sometimes disappear and the player will need to click on the Daily Challenges to get them to reappear
  • Adjusted: Extract on Dropship Challenge changed to Extract from the planet, to reflect that players can extract via Dropship or R.A.S.P
  • Fixed: A seam between wooden boards that shouldn’t be visible
  • Fixed: Added missing audio for Warlord execution
  • Fixed: When aiming a weapon, Jae’s arm strap sometimes appears to float in mid-air
  • Fixed: For console, in-network friends should appear higher on the list than friends from other platforms
  • Fixed: Players do not receive the Friend Request notification if the request was sent while they were in a match
  • Fixed: Party Full message sometimes overlaps with other text in the Invites tab of the Social menu
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, some marker icons do not match the chest icon
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, the marker remains on the chest during the Crafting tutorial even if the player has enough Scrap and begins Crafting the weapon
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, sometimes the Outlanders don’t defend the Crystal
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, missing the tooltip to stow the weapon
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, not all Outlanders spawn at the beginning
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, sometimes objective markers don’t appear
  • Fixed: In the Tutorial, an incorrect number of Outlanders spawn during the Storm
  • Fixed: Sometimes unable to repair a vehicle when attempting to interact with the back of the vehicle
  • Fixed: Invisible collision in the Sandstone Graces encounter
  • Fixed: The bags attached to the Explorer’s leg will sometimes float during some Emotes
  • Fixed: The bottom text is sometimes cut off in the Challenge box
  • Fixed: Cruz appears to levitate when viewed in the Play tab
  • Fixed: Damage Indicator sometimes briefly appears in an incorrect position
  • Fixed: Mongrels do not spawn from the kennels
  • Fixed: Downed player message sometimes does not appear
  • Fixed: Dropship light pillar sometimes appears inside the Dropship
  • Fixed: Emote voice lines can sometimes stack on top of each other
  • Fixed: Player is removed from the Salvage tab after being idle for too long
  • Fixed: After deconstructing Salvage, the UI sometimes disappears
  • Fixed: Glass in Dropship door sometimes has the incorrect texture
  • Fixed: After a player leaves the match, their ping remains on the map
  • Fixed: PlayStation UI doesn’t show the Challenge UI when the game is first started
  • Fixed: Pinging a Data Uplink, Growth, or R.A.S.P says ‘Pinged a Keeper Interactable’ in the message feed
  • Fixed: R.A.S.P icon sometimes greyed out on the map
  • Fixed: The UI did not always update after a weapon was reloaded, showing 0 ammo
  • Fixed: Sometimes unable to move the Explorer after spawning
  • Fixed: Vision circle of teammates sometimes remains after the teammate leaves the match
  • Fixed: Several instances of floating assets such as trees and rocks
  • Fixed: Several instances of assets clipping into the ground or walls, such as chests, lootable items, trees
  • Fixed: Neck appears broken when a player is eliminated
  • Fixed: Vehicle UI sometimes does not display players
  • Fixed: Player unable to cross the road without jumping in certain locations
  • Fixed: Some buildings in the world do not show up on the map
  • Fixed: Several instances where objects float in the air
  • Fixed: Instances where a player cannot walk under a building because the clearing is too short
  • Fixed: In several locations, the map image doesn’t match the in-game structure
  • Fixed: Rin’s voice line does not match the in-game subtitle
  • Fixed: When being attacked by a bear, Halden says ‘I’m being shot at’
  • Fixed: Various crashes

Keep Warm,


October 21st Update

20 October 2021

Controller presets and bug fixes!

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