September 1st Hotfix

31 August 2021


We’ll be performing a hotfix Wednesday, September 1st, around 8 AM PT / 4 PM BST. There will be no downtime with this Hotfix.

Hotfix Changes:

  • Fixed: Some titles showing with the incorrect color
  • Fixed: Using the Report function while Respawning could cause a player to get stuck on the Reporting window
  • Fixed: All in-progress Research displayed the Heartseeker icon, instead of the item being Researched
  • Fixed: Textures of players respawned with the Resurrection Kit were not always correct when viewed in Spectator mode
  • Fixed: Players incorrectly respawning and teleporting to the Resurrection Kit after already respawning via the Backup Clone item

Keep Warm, Midwinter

Freu dich auf Rin in der neuen Saison

9 September 2021

Freu dich auf Rin in der neuen Saison: Zorn des Winters

Our Focus This Week

31 August 2021

Weekly Challenges, Fog of War, and more!