Stealth Archer

The ghost warrior hailing from Belarus, Kali haunts the frozen wasteland with ruthless precision. Cloaked to avoid enemy detection and armed with her deathly silent compound bow, she picks off her prey before they even know what hit them.

Nationality: Belarusian
Class Ability: Active Camo
Class Weapon: Heartseeker

Active camo

Stalking her enemies with cold calculation across the icy tundra, Kali’s active camo ability allows her to blend into the environment and avoid enemy detection. Sticking with melee weapons will keep her hidden, whilst ranged attacks only exposes her position for a short duration. Kali can single handedly infiltrate enemy strongholds and take-out targets without leaving a trace.


The perfect weapon for a silent assassin. The Heartseeker is a modified compound bow welded from scrap, and a killer companion to stealth combat. Current variant options offer an increase in the number of arrows that can be loaded at once, as well as an improvement on enemy lock-on targeting.