Early Access FAQ

What you need to know about Scavengers and how to join up to play

Scavengers is now entering a new phase of always-on Early Access and, aside from key maintenance times, our servers will always be online. Your participation and feedback will help to define the game’s ongoing development - your voice matters.

Early Access isn’t a final, polished version of Scavengers - you can expect to see bugs, varied performance, and balance issues. However, by participating, you get to be some of the earliest Explorers to venture into the frozen wasteland of Scavengers, and join the development team in this crucial step in the game’s development.

How can I join the Early Access?


Early Access is available on Steam (PC) right now. If you don’t already have a Scavengers Steam Key, you can get access to Scavengers via Twitch Drops.

Head to the Scavengers Directory Page on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Scavengers and select a livestream that has Scavengers drops enabled.

After selecting the livestream you want to watch, please complete the following steps.

Step 1: Authorize your Twitch Account. You can do this via this link: Twitch Auth page. Follow the necessary steps to complete the authorization.

Step 2: You’ll then be directed to the Scavengers website to create an Improbable account (Improbable is the publisher of Scavengers). Fill in the necessary information to create your account.

Step 3: Once you create your Improbable account, you’ll need to verify your email address. Check your inbox and accept your email verification.

Step 4: Final step! After you’ve watched 30 minutes of a Scavengers Twitch livestream, you must claim your Twitch Drop. Once you’ve claimed it, we'll email you a Steam Key so you can start playing immediately. Please check your inbox for the email with your key.

You can also watch a step-by-step video that goes through all the above.


Early Access is available on Steam (PC) and the Epic Store.

You can join and start playing Scavengers now!

Just click “Play Now” on our homepage or at the top of this page. When the pop-up shows, asking you to select which platform you want to play Scavengers on (Steam or Epic Games Store), choose the option you want and then jump in!

I watched a livestream for 30 mins and claimed my Twitch Drop but still haven’t got my key.

Once you’ve claimed your Twitch Drop, please double check all your email inboxes for any emails that came from contact@playscavengers.com. Sometimes our emails end up in the Spam, Junk or Promotions folders. Also, please make sure to add “contact@playscavengers.com” to your ‘from’ email address in your address book. That ensures your email provider is accepting Scavengers emails.

If all else fails and you still cannot find your Scavengers Steam Key, please contact our Support Team.

What if I’ve played in a previous playtest or I already have a Scavengers Steam Key?

If you have already participated in a previous playtest, or received a key in the past, then you’re good to go! You don’t need to sign up for a new key; just log in, patch it and you’re ready to get in-game.

When does Early Access finish?

Scavengers Early Access is always on, which means that, aside from important and vital maintenance downtime or updates, our servers are always online for you to play the game.

For now, there are no dates or details to share on when Scavengers will exit Early Access and move into full release.

What’s Early Access for?

Early Access is our opportunity to test Scavengers on a larger scale than we have done before.

Through Early Access we will continue to focus on our core, single-session game loop. Your feedback here is important: Are you enjoying the combat? How is the game pacing? Is there a dominant strategy when it comes to gathering data? Do you have enough strategic options in approaching each game, whether it’s taking down enemy factions, moving quickly around the map, or hunting other players? Your involvement is key to the next stage of Scavengers’ development.

With Early Access - and in future patches - we are now further developing on our meta-game progression, research, and additional customization options for your explorers. We’re still in a crucial stage of development, so join the conversations on our Discord server and help give us vital feedback!

Can I stream during Early Access? Do you have a Content Creator Program?

Yes and yes!

Our NDA has been lifted and you can now stream and create video content about Scavengers! If you do, don’t forget to tag us into your videos and social posts so that we can check out your videos and share them with the team too!

If you’re a content creator and want to collaborate with us, please check out our Content Creator Program to join our growing, awesome community of content creators.

What are the minimum specs for Early Access?

Windows 10

Processor: Core i5-6500 or equivalent

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 / AMD Radeon R9 380

RAM: 8 GB DirectX: Version 11

How do I play Scavengers?

Check out the Scavengers Beginner’s Guide here. It’s a quick gameplay guide for new players joining Early Access.

Can I play Scavengers on PS4/Xbox?

Our Early Access only on Steam and the Epic store right now, but we do have controller support.

The game will be available on consoles in the future. While we don’t have any confirmed dates, we’re working on making it available on console platforms in late 2021.

Will the progress I make in the Early Access be carried over to the final game?

We are planning to do a progression wipe during Early Access. After that wipe all future progress will be carried over to the final release.

We will have more details to share on the progress wipe, as well as community rewards, in an upcoming blog.

My game crashed! What happened?

Sorry about that! You should see a window come up with crash details and a button to send a crash report to us. This is an expected part of our Early Access process, so please send the report and we’ll take a look at what happened and fix it for future updates.

My frames per second sometimes drops...why is that?

Optimization is still ongoing, so for the moment you may need to set your graphics settings a little lower than you’d expect on other titles. However, if you could pass along your system specs and what your current graphics settings are in our feedback survey or contact our Support Team, that’d help us a lot with future optimization. Remember, your feedback is key!

I can't get into the game!

If you’re having technical issues accessing Scavengers please submit a ticket to our Support Team and they’ll look into this for you, ASAP!

I’ve got some feedback, how do I share this with you?

We’d love to hear it! You can share your feedback via the in-game survey, or in the relevant channels of our Discord playtest server! You can also submit feedback via our Support Team.

Who is Improbable and Midwinter Entertainment, and how are they connected to Scavengers?

Scavengers is developed by Midwinter Entertainment, a Kirkland-based games studio founded by global games industry veterans. Improbable is the publisher of Scavengers. Improbable makes innovative multiplayer titles using its own technology, with studios in Canada, the US, and Britain. Improbable also provides better ways to make multiplayer games, and helps multiplayer developers to meet any challenge.