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PC Open Access on Steam and EGS from May 1st!

28 April 2021

Doors are open for Scavengers - all players can jump in straight away! Find out what’s happening in our PC Early Access...

July 28th Hotfix

28 July 2021

Today's hotfix irons out some Challenges issues, plus display and messaging fixes.

Here’s What’s Happening

26 July 2021

A look at what we’re working on this week!

Check Out This Week’s Events!

26 July 2021

More Mutators, along with a special weekend boost

Dunk the Devs

22 July 2021

Join the devs as they play Expedition and Horde Mode!

July 21st Horde Update

20 July 2021

Check out what’s new in our upcoming update!

This Week's Focus

19 July 2021

We’re focusing on supporting the July 21st Update and Dunk the Devs

Free Battle Pass and Brand New Horde Mode

19 July 2021

We’re kicking off a Season 0 Battle Pass and the new PvE Horde Mode in our next update!

What's Happening This Week

13 July 2021

Getting ready for the big July content update!