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Register for the Console Closed Alpha!

20 September 2021

Registration is now open for all Xbox and PlayStation players!

The Coming Months For Scavengers

21 October 2021

Updates on general availability, community comms and the next chapter

October 21st Update

20 October 2021

Controller presets and bug fixes!

October 6th Update

6 October 2021

Check out the bug fixes in our latest update!

What’s Happening This Week

4 October 2021

Weapon tuning, bug fixes, and a Double EXP weekend!

September 23rd Update

22 September 2021

Check out what’s changing with this update!

What’s New

21 September 2021

Mid-week update, console Closed Alpha, and more!

Your Videos, Your Scavengers Stories!

19 September 2021

Sluka,Warlord, bears and a whole lot more...!

September 15th Update

14 September 2021

Winter’s Fury & Rin are coming...