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Register for the Console Closed Alpha!

20 September 2021

Registration is now open for all Xbox and PlayStation players!

Rush & Attack Update

24 August 2021

Check out what’s new in our upcoming update!

A Look at What’s Happening

23 August 2021

It’s almost time for our latest update!

August 18th Hotfix

18 August 2021

Here’s what’s changed with this hotfix

Here’s What’s Happening

16 August 2021

We’re working on optimization, bug fixes, and our upcoming Hotfix!

Cool Fan Creations

15 August 2021

Watch some amazing videos and concept art from our community!

Current Dev Focus

9 August 2021

We’re working on our next major update!

What's Happening This Week

4 August 2021

A look at what we’re working on this week!

August 4th Hotfix

4 August 2021

Here’s what’s fixed with this hotfix