Your Videos, Your Scavengers Stories!

19 September 2021


It’s time for another Community Roundup!

Fan Videos

We’re kicking off this week’s roundup with some amazing fan videos. We have tips and tricks, a look into Horde Mode and, for you melee lovers, the Maverick Depthcharger!

Gather around, Explorers, as BeeRi shares some words of wisdom on how to clear the Visitor Center! Learn some quick tips to help you survive this encounter solo and walk away with your Datapoints intact. Will you survive?
Credit: BeeRi, YouTube, Discord

Do you enjoy melee or just want to see some crazy melee action? We have a compilation video for you!

This video is all about Jae’s Maverick Depthcharger. With the ability to not only steal Stamina from your enemy but also cause lingering poison damage, the Maverick Depthcharger is a deadly weapon in the right hands. As a tier 5 Legendary weapon, it’s not easy to Craft in-game but it’s well worth the investment - it packs one hell of a punch!

Credit: RamboManDan, YouTube, Discord

Clips & Stories

Whether it’s an intense 1v1 team fight or boarding the Dropship at the last second, some of the most exciting Scavengers moments take only a few seconds, but last a lifetime. Here are some of our favorite clips and stories that we’ve seen from you.

The tables are turned when the hunters become the hunted! Flight or fight - which would you choose?

Credit: iRoYaLGriZZ#92389, Discord

Sometimes, you’re the one fighting the big, bad monsters. And sometimes….you just have to sit back and watch as a Bloatbile takes on the Warlord.

Who would you bet on to win that match ?

GHOST Bloatbile vs Warlord

Credit: GHOST#69568 [NO MIC], Discord

The clock slowly ticks down as the Dropship prepares to leave. Wait for it….wait for it….go! In Scavengers, a gun fight isn’t the only way to survive and win.
Credit: Acu1000#15757 [no mic], Discord

It’s just your average day in Cascade Springs, with intrepid Explorers duking it out to see who will emerge victorious. After a brutal fight, it appears as though a victor has been crowned...

Wait, who brought the bear to the gun fight?!

Credit: Cucumello#8485, Discord

Thank you Explorers for your videos, cool artwork, streams and fun gameplay moments. Please share your creations with fellow players in Discord or with #ScavengersStories on Twitter.

We can’t wait to see more of your adventures in Cascade Springs!

What’s New

21 September 2021

Mid-week update, console Closed Alpha, and more!

September 15th Update

14 September 2021

Winter’s Fury & Rin are coming...