November 18th Update

18 November 2021


We’ll be performing an update today, November 18th, around 3 PM PT / 11 PM GMT. There will be downtime during this update, which is expected to last 1 hour.

Here’s what to expect in this update:


  • Visual improvements to the killfeed notifications
  • Party leader has the option to remove a player from the party


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Hitches while sliding
  • Fixed: AI enemies sometimes not loading correctly and are invisible
  • Fixed: AI enemy animations did not always update properly
  • Fixed: Players sometimes appear to float in air or glide when running
  • Fixed: Letty was unable to mantle the main entrance in some locations
  • Fixed: Visually cleaned up several environmental elements
  • Fixed: Several instances where object collisions did not work correctly
  • Fixed: Wall collision missing from the upper window area on the Dropship
  • Fixed: Several instances where loot items were unreachable
  • Fixed: Items inside the Ammo Crate sometimes fell beneath the ground
  • Fixed: Missing shelter zone around Best Bunks
  • Fixed: Countdown timer sometimes does not appear when the Dropship arrives
  • Fixed: Some loot items become invisible when the player is inside a vehicle
  • Fixed: Icons for some items become invisible when the player is inside a vehicle
  • Fixed: Spectator camera dips below the ground when a player slides down steep hills
  • Fixed: Grenades sometimes stick to objects and not explode
  • Fixed: On Xbox, the game may become unresponsive after dismissing the Out-of-Date Build message
  • Fixed: The PS5 activity card displays the wrong name for the title
  • Fixed: The body freezing effect on dead enemies may appear too slowly
  • Fixed: When a patch is available, clicking on the message restarts the game and the player receives the same patch available message
  • Fixed: When an explosive barrel kills an AI enemy, the player didn’t always receive XP for the kill
  • Fixed: When a player is unable to join a party, the OK confirmation prompt on the Party Not Found screen is missing text, and is just a blank icon
  • Fixed: The Predator is sometimes inaccurate when aiming at enemies after sprinting
  • Fixed: Store purchase confirmation doesn’t always work correctly
  • Fixed: Corrected some instances where a player was disconnected at the beginning of the match, after floating in air
  • Fixed: Prompt to ‘Execute’ appears after killing the last member of a team
  • Fixed: Audio for an Execution played, even when the Execution wouldn’t start
  • Fixed: Clipping issues with several Explorer skins
  • Fixed: After killing an enemy, the disintegrated enemy sometimes continued to attack
  • Fixed: The Dropship icon and some floating icons shake when running towards them
  • Fixed: Toggling through, but not changing, Settings changes can result in the Settings UI staying on the screen
  • Fixed: If a player sends a party invite, then accepts a different party invite, the original invitation remains and becomes invalid

It’s Almost Time...

17 November 2021

Our devs are heading to Cascade Springs!