2 April 2021


Welcome to Questions of the Week, our regular blog where we answer some of the questions you’ve been dying to ask our team about *Scavengers.*

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In addition to character skins, will there be other cosmetic items pertaining to weapons or the Keeper?

@Boop, Discord

Audrey M (Producer):
Yes, there will definitely be more! We are working on weapon skins, different Keeper frames, emotes, and a handful of other cosmetics for the Explorers. We're also building a suite of account cosmetics to customize your social presence in Scavengers. You'll see lots more during Early Access and when the game goes live!

Will there be any indication or warning when wildlife is nearby? I often got ambushed by the infected bears but sometimes didn't get an indication that one was nearby.

@DeathzeroV, Twitter

Luke K (Game Designer):
Stealth is part of the Scavengers Wildlife arsenal. If you spot them first, they're pretty easy to kill. I recommend keeping your head on a swivel not only to spot them, but to look out for sneaky players as well!

Why did you guys decide to name the game “Scavengers”?

@Usoro, Discord

Josh (Creative Director):
This was a name we coalesced around pretty early in the concept phase for the game. It describes everything in our world: the players, the Outlanders, the Scourge and even much of the wildlife - they are all scavengers, struggling to survive. Naming is always hard. It's about more than just the meaning of the word(s); the way it sounds and feels is arguably more important. In the case of "Scavengers," we loved the word and the feelings it inspired.

During the last playtest there were certain map locations that had a specific amount of upgraded loot chests (i.e. Fairchild had like 4 or so guaranteed blues). Are these locations with the specific chest rarities going to be continued into the next playtest or will the chest rarity be fully randomized at every named location?

@moditty, Discord

TJ (Game Designer):
We changed that.

Under the hood, the game has a notion of "regions." These are equal subdivisions of the map. Just imagine the map being chopped into equal squares. We use these regions to semi-randomly distribute game pieces such as vehicles, resource camps, and dynamic objectives.

We plugged weapon chests into this same system. So now, at the beginning of the match, we choose x number of "basic chests" per region and populate them from a better-than-basic weapon loot table.

Justin L (Game Designer):
Another change that pairs with the RNG of weapon chests that TJ mentioned is that Ammo caches now have a chance to drop better quality weapons and weapons from supply drops are at least rare quality or better.

Hi, who is your favorite Explorer and which Explorer was the most fun to make?

@Viktor76, Discord

Ben B (Game Designer):
Tarik is my fav to play; I love their stun trap and I try to draw opponents into traps. I also enjoy frisbee golf, and nothing feels better than throwing a trap over a wall and seeing it fire off as it takes out a bunch of weak NPCs.

Halden is my favorite to listen to the VO work on. His lines are hilarious.

I think Valora is the coolest looking, especially some of her skins that you haven't seen yet.

Jeremy (UI Designer):
Cruz is my favorite Explorer because I really like that he can fill many different roles. He can be a resource collector by running from camp to camp. He can be a PvP distraction by sprinting quickly and using his high RoF to pull focus and confuse other teams. He can slingshot Halden in for a quick drive-by revive. And my favorite, he can swoop in and steal vehicles from other teams!

Audrey M (Producer):
All around I'd say Halden is my favorite. His Strike Rifle is (in my humble opinion) of the most satisfying guns in the game, his ability can be absolutely clutch in battle, and his voice lines crack me up. I love how hokey he is!

Visually I'd say my favorite character is Jae. He just looks SO cool and has a lovely warm color palette. Since the concept phase, I've been particularly excited with his design.

Justin L (Game Designer):
Overall I find Kali and her weapon variants to be pretty awesome. My favorite thing about her ability is how it can be used both offensively or defensively to leverage the playspace and AI in ways other characters can't.

TJ (Game Designer):
Letty. She's a real playmaker. and I love how she causes big, story-worthy moments. Her ability takes skill and timing to maximize, so I feel cool when I pull it off. It's super gratifying to knock opponents out of position and zone them out so your team can more easily pick them apart.

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