September 15th Update

14 September 2021


We’ll be performing an update on Wednesday, September 15th, around 8 AM PT / 4 PM BST.

Scavengers will be unavailable for downtime starting at 8 AM PT / 4 PM BST. This downtime is expected to last for approximately 2 hours.

Winter’s Fury Season and Rin

Get ready for the Winter’s Fury season and Rin! Winter’s Fury is our first full-length Battle Pass with over 90 curated items that we hope you’ll enjoy discovering and trying out.

We’re also excited to introduce you to the first new playable Explorer since our Early Access launch - Rin. Armed with her trusty SHIN-48 rifle and Smoke Bomb, this fun-loving anarchist is ready to take on all threats to her team.

You can read more about Rin, what she brings to the team and the Winter’s Fury season here.

Controller Sensitivity

When we reduced the controller sensitivity, we read many comments that the sensitivity was too sluggish, especially when turning. Since then, we’ve been working on improving the sensitivity, not only to increase it at the high end, but to give you the flexibility to choose what level feels the most comfortable.

  • There are now 20 levels of controller sensitivity to select from
  • The highest sensitivity level is a little over twice as sensitive

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Player sometimes gets stuck in a slide animation
  • Fixed: Already purchased Shop items incorrectly shown as available
  • Fixed: Growth Cluster map icon shows the incorrect color when the Keeper is engaged
  • Fixed: Gorthokk is sometimes unresponsive
  • Fixed: Clone Kit sometimes spawns players underground
  • Fixed: In Horde Mode, AI enemies sometimes do not spawn correctly, ending the wave

Keep Warm, Midwinter

Your Videos, Your Scavengers Stories!

19 September 2021

Sluka,Warlord, bears and a whole lot more...!

This Week’s Dev Focus

13 September 2021

Winter’s Fury, Rin, and more!