September Technical Playtest: Feedback

14 October 2020

Hello Explorers!

All of us here at Midwinter want to thank you, our awesome community, for taking part in the September Technical Playtest Weekend!

It was our biggest playtest to date (50 hours of matches!) with more players joining in to experience Scavengers for themselves than ever before. It was a hugely exciting time for us and we received a ton of very valuable feedback, which will all go towards our ongoing work to refine the game.

Below, we’ve compiled some top feedback points and go through our current plans to address them.


We had a tutorial bug that prevented some people from launching the game properly. We'll be looking into this issue as well as optimizing the tutorial experience.


The plan for our next playtest is to support more languages in the game. We love that our community is growing globally, with players from all around the world helping us playtest Scavengers, and we want to acknowledge that fact by offering other languages in the game. We're currently looking at Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Screenshot Bridge 2K


We're always working hard on optimizing the game and improving the overall performance. Many of you enjoyed your experience with the game, but also hoped to see some more technical polish.

We're focusing on level streaming hitches, investing in merge tools to help create more optimal geometry for the player's GPU, and we're reducing shader complexity.


There were collision issues that had some players hitting invisible walls or falling through solid objects. We're working at fixing these issues, and looking out for new ones.


A message heard loud and clear during the playtest weekend: many players were concerned with the TTK (time to kill) in our game. Finding the correct balance of exploration and PVP is currently an ongoing experiment for us. We will focus on getting this right!


There were a number of different bugs you found during the playtest, and we're tracking them all down. Thank you again for reporting them all to us!

Crater 2K


We're hard at work on the metagame and developing the character progression system for the game. This new addition will allow the player new ways to modify their loadout, gain resources through research, and increase their character's level.

As we said above, we're focusing on adding some localization for our next Technical Playtest.

Overall gameplay improvements are on the way! Some areas of focus are around exploring damage types, improving talents, and more - prepare for some future surprises!

We hope this quick look into our upcoming plans and areas of focus helps give you a peek into our work and the Scavengers roadmap.

We want to say thank you again to everyone who took the time to do our in-game survey and to post very valuable, detailed feedback in our Discord channels. The team is reading through all of your ideas and feedback posted there and it’s never too late to share your thoughts and playtest stories with us! We are always appreciative of all community feedback.

The planning for our next Technical Playtest is already underway, and we can’t wait to welcome you all back to the world of Scavengers. Get ready to team up, gear up, and prepare for those storms...

Keep Warm,


Prepare For The Next Technical Playtest Weekend!

29 October 2020

Explorers, your mission is clear: return to the surface, stay alive, ensure the victory of your team, and the survival of our species...

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