Scoundrel Survivalist

An all-American hero, Halden’s magnetic personality pulls allies into the safety of his curative capabilities. Able to quickly revive downed teammates, he’s primed to turn the tables on any fight.

Nationality: USA
Class Ability: Curative Aura
Class Weapon: Strike Rifle

Curative Aura

Through his Keeper, Halden is able to emit a powerful healing AOE that restores the HP of teammates within its vicinity. What’s more, it can instantly revive downed teammates if activated in close proximity. When survival is half the battle, Halden might just be the key to victory.

Strike Rifle

Not just a talented healer, Halden’s Strike Rifle puts him in possession of one of the most powerful and versatile weapons in all of Cascade Springs. Its base assault-class model is an accessible all-rounder. If you prefer a little more firepower, the current variant models offer a choice between explosive ammunition, or a reconfiguration that transforms the weapon into a long-range marksman rifle for a less aggressive approach to battle.