22 March 2022


We’ll be performing an update on Wednesday, March 23rd starting at 8 AM PT / 4 PM GMT. Approximately 2 hours of downtime is expected for the update.


Get ready for Björn and The Storm's Wrath! This new season debuts two exciting skin lines, and even more ways to personalize your Explorers.

We’re also excited to introduce you to Björn, the latest Explorer to arrive in Cascade Springs. Dual-wielding Hakkas and utilizing the keen senses of Bestial Rage, Björn is a melee master, taking the fight to his enemies.

You can read more about Björn and The Storm's Wrath season here.


  • When an AI enemy is killed by a grenade, they are thrown through the air from the explosion


  • Fixed: Chips awarded for leveling up an Explorer do not appear in the Match Summary
  • Fixed: When a teammate dies, their status incorrectly shows as ‘Eliminated’ before switching to ‘Respawning’
  • Fixed: When a teammate dies without enough time to respawn before the Dropship takes off, the status incorrectly shows as ‘Respawning’ and not ‘Eliminated’
  • Fixed: The no Stamina sound didn’t play when attempting to use a heavy melee attack
  • Fixed: When a Keeper is opening the Dropship door, the ‘door opening’ audio continues to play even if the Keeper is interrupted
  • Fixed: Teammate footsteps don’t echo correctly when moving inside a building
  • Fixed: The Energized Talent does not increase ability cooldowns
  • Fixed: The Hamstring Talent does not reduce the opponent’s speed
  • Fixed: When killed by chain lightning or electric arc damage, the kill is credited to ‘Misadventure’ and not the weapon used
  • Fixed: When a player is set on fire, their players also hear the burn sound effects
  • Fixed: Heartseeker and Maverick get launched from weapon chests and Growth Clusters, forcing players to search for it
  • Fixed: Some instances where players phase into and get stuck inside drop pods
  • Fixed: Structures on the frozen lakes are covered by ice on the map
  • Fixed: The Keeper is on the ground when using Jae’s Crane Kick
  • Fixed: Spelling error in the Bait Bomb description
  • Fixed: Several incorrect localizations

Keep Warm, Midwinter

The Storm Arrives with Björn

21 March 2022

Get ready for an exciting season and new Explorer!