Community Fan Art and Videos

14 May 2021


Since Early Access began, we’ve been blown away by the creativity and passion from our amazing creators! We wanted to share some of the Scavengers content that we’ve seen shared on Twitter, YouTube and Discord. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

Explorers versus Scourge Bear-to-be. We love this beautiful artwork by Voidztar...and do not want to be in those boots!


Beware Of The Bear
Credit: Voidztar, Discord, Twitter

Just starting out and wondering how Scavengers works? Check out this amazing Tips and Tricks video by Androssee!
Credit: Androssee, YouTube

We love the creativity from YaDino, as Halden gets ready to take on a bear...with a wrench! Good luck, Halden!


Credit: YaDino, Discord

Some days, you just need to slide your way to victory, like this epic extraction by German YouTuber a Teemong!
Credit: a Teemong, YouTube

The Grill God braves the Storm to collect Datapoints. Mother would be so proud!

scrap-the grill god-discord

Credit: The Grill God, Discord

That moment when you wipe out all the enemy teams AND extract with over 2,000 Datapoints! Well done CreepeazY!
Credit: CreepeazY, Discord, YouTube

MADKATT is the king of Discord emojis, including some impressively cute chibi-style art!


Credit: MADKATT, Discord

A montage dedicated to our rebel defender, Valora. What exciting game moments from Selveste Gud!
Credit: Selveste Gud, Discord, YouTube

Isn’t this manga-style artwork of Valora absolutely gorgeous? We sure thought so!

valora-paw prints-discord

Credit: 🐾🐾, Discord

Thank you Explorers for your videos, cool artwork, streams and fun gameplay moments. Please share your creations with fellow players in Discord or with #ScavengersGame on Twitter.

We can’t wait to see more of your adventures in Cascade Springs!

May 17th Hotfix

17 May 2021

Talents now work after respawning!

May 13th Hotfix

13 May 2021

Find out what’s being fixed and adjusted in our latest Scavengers hotfix