Check Out These Streamers

4 July 2021


It’s time for another Community Roundup! We love watching your videos and streams, reading your guides, and seeing your awesome art.

This week we’re focusing on Twitch and Facebook streamers! Be sure to tune in and say hi, as these streamers head to the frozen wasteland.

There’s always time to chill and relax with Msgingergene! Her streams are an awesome way to unwind with exciting game moments and fun banter with her squadmates and viewers.

Our favorite moments are where Msgingergene stays calm in the face of fire, while keeping teamwork super tight. Being able to count on your squad is key in those clutch moments. Throughout an intense PvP battle, Misgingergene kept her cool and coordinated with her squad to come out victorious! You can watch this exciting clip here.

You can check out Msgingergene at!

Twitch isn’t the only location to watch Scavengers streams! You can also watch some fun streams on Facebook Gaming.

We love the energy and passion from EasymAc10_gaming! His excitement while playing Scavengers and chatting with his viewers really makes you feel like you’re part of the action. EasymAc10_gaming also explains what’s happening in Scavengers, making it a fun way to learn how to play - perfect if you’re new to the game or need a refresher!

Watch EasymAc10_gaming at!

The squad that plays together, stays together! FunsiesFinest and JayStrike13 form a dynamic duo in-game - and they also both stream on Twitch!

The light-hearted fun and banter between the squad makes watching either (or both!) of these streams an enjoyable experience. Along with their third squadmate, they showcase how important it is to communicate with your team in Scavengers. It’s also pretty cool to watch the same fight from both FunsiesFinest and JayStrike13’s point of views!

Watch FunsiesFinest at or JayStrike 13 at!

Jeckstergaming is a Twitch streamer who also creates awesome YouTube videos! With the ‘Team S-Tier’ ready to take on all comers, there are plenty of teamfights that leave you on the edge of your seat!

One of our favorites was when Team S-Tier found themselves stuck between a Bloatbile and an enemy team. With no chance of shooting through the enemy Valora’s Aegis Shield, Jeckstergaming leapt off the cliff to take her on, knowing his team would back him up!

And when they’re not streaming, be sure to head over to their YouTube page, where you can watch their latest video for tips and tricks to playing Valora!

You can catch Jeckstergaming at!

Looking for insights on how to play Scavengers? Check out Pr0ductt’s streams. The gameplay is top notch and observant Explorers could learn some tips, as Pr0ductt discusses the game and their decision-making in a match.

It’s not all serious, as Pr0ductt pulls off some sweet maneuvers while playing Cruz. One of our top moments was a slide - spin - Boompipe combo to take out some Outlanders!

Watch Pr0ductt at!

We hope that you enjoy watching these streams as much as we did! Please share your creations with fellow players in Discord or with #ScavengersGame on Twitter.

We can’t wait to see more of your adventures in Cascade Springs!

Our Focus This Week

6 July 2021

Preparing for the July content update and reviewing your respawn system feedback!

June 29th Hotfix

28 June 2021

Our latest hotfix address the end of match Salvage issue and storm frequency issue!