December 2020 Closed Beta Summary

19 January 2021

Hello Explorers!

A (slightly belated) very happy new year from all of us here at Midwinter, as well as a massive thank you to everyone who joined us for our PC Closed Beta in December 2020.

Closed Beta was a very important milestone for the team, enabling us to run our servers for the longest period so far. With your participation and feedback, we were able to have thousands of players help us test Scavengers and provide us with hugely important, valuable feedback.

We’ve said it before and we’ll carry on saying it - THANK YOU. To all of you who joined in, we simply can’t do this without you and all your awesome feedback which has gone toward the ongoing development of Scavengers.

Below, we’ve compiled a summary of how we think Closed Beta went. We also want to give some insight into how our decision making is informed and share some focus points that we’re now working hard on - check it out:



  • At the start of the Closed Beta, we experienced some initial teething issues with the account creation process. This was resolved quickly and our team took away good learnings. For those of you who were stuck for a few hours, thanks for your patience, perseverance and help!
  • We saw some players have issues accessing their keys, and we’ll look to provide clearer instructions for new players signing up in the future. In the meantime, if you’re a new player signing up, please make sure to check your promo/social media and spam folders for your confirmation email. Once you’ve confirmed your sign up, your key will then be sent shortly before the next time the game is available to play.
  • There was great participation from both new and returning players, both in-game and across our community channels, contributing to the amount of invaluable feedback we received.
  • While general optimization and performance improves with every iteration of Scavengers, there is still a lot of room for improvement, and we understand how important this is. This continues to be an ongoing focus for us.
  • Finding the right balance for weapons and vehicles is also an ongoing effort for us, and something that we’ll continually update.
  • There was some inconsistency in the experience across different regions due to matchmaking times and session sizes, related to low population areas/timezones. We’ll be looking for ways to help improve this.
  • Something heard loud and clear was the request for more clarity around enemy detection, combat elements and visual queues (VFX). We’ll be making key refinements in this area.


Gas Station

  • We rely heavily on the data and telemetry systems we have in the game. Your participation in our playtest helps us build out this data, which in turn helps us continue to refine and improve Scavengers!
  • We pay very close attention to community feedback provided via the in-game questionnaires, our Discord feedback channels, bug reports via our Support team, and community chat in general. If you still have feedback, please continue sharing them with us!
  • Finally, we appreciate the valuable and in-depth feedback given from our growing content creator community, who put aside their time to share thoughts and ideas. If you’re a content creator or want to be a community representative of our game, email us at or reach out on Discord or Twitter with the Scavengers content you’ve made and let’s chat!



  • We’re exploring options that allow us to scale the map/playspace areas based on the density of players in the queue. This could help improve the experience in regions/time zones with low population.
  • Console and crossplay availability were also popular topics of discussion. They are very important to us too, since we want to make Scavengers available to as many people as possible. While there are no dates or times to share on these topics, rest assured that we’re working on them.
  • We’ll be working on the expansion of the research system, as well as more weapon variants, talents and cosmetic variations.
  • We’ll be doing an in-game economy tuning pass to allow for a more enjoyable and engaging progression system, as well as rewards.
  • We’re already developing more cosmetic rewards. This will let you showcase your own style and preferences.
  • We received great feedback and ideas from players and content creators especially, about rewards, leaderboards and other systems, which will allow you to build and share a story of the goals and milestones you’re working towards in the game. We’ll be investigating these suggestions.
  • We’re looking at ways to refine the radar system to improve the PvP experience. For example, ways to make it harder for players to track other players over long distances, and providing more counter-play options for those who want to avoid detection as a tactical strategy.
  • Another topic we saw frequently being discussed on our Discord channels was around the final dropship moments in a match. We’re working on the end-game experience around the dropship to enable more strategic opportunities when finishing a session, without a massive PvP showdown. It is important to clarify, however, that we are a competitive game and that PvP will always be a viable strategy. We’re not diminishing PvP, but rather balancing the viability of different tactics and approaches.
  • We’ll be heavily investing in social systems to address factors like party-up capabilities, friends lists, allow players to continue voice chat post-match (within your party), smarter matchmaking algorithms and more.
  • Anti-cheat continues to be a focus, since we recognize how vital it is for anyone to have a great Scavengers gaming experience, free of unfair exploits and hacking. We’ll be working to maintain our integrity on this.
  • We’re exploring and testing a number of features, including on Twitch. You might see some activity on our Twitch channel and from our dev team on there soon. We won’t be streaming any Scavengers game footage but we wanted to give you the heads up, in case some of the very eagle-eyed among you spot movement happening there!


Closed Beta saw many of our players - new and familiar Explorers - build up some impressive numbers! Here are some top stats:

Top 25 Players (who played the most matches):

  1. MADDKATT - 182
  2. moditty - 168
  3. Silarious - 163
  4. PureBullet - 153
  5. Locotronic - 150
  6. Shadowfox - 129
  7. Nozarashi - 122
  8. AtomicJuan - 119
  9. doglord - 117
  10. SelvesteGudTTv - 115
  11. MarcusDkMystix - 115
  12. Erox - 106
  13. TheDonutFromRVB - 105
  14. Murrciless - 103
  15. AveragePP - 102
  16. 3dRes - 94
  17. I Don't know.i agree - 90
  18. WhirlSquirrel - 90
  19. art0fnoize - 90
  20. -40C - 88
  21. DreamKatcha - 87
  22. Ruu - 87
  23. Zodiark - 86
  24. LeroyDestroy - 86
  25. [R] Mello] - 86

Top 25 PVP-ers (who took out other players the most):

  1. MADDKATT - 785
  2. PureBullet - 552
  3. MarcusDkMystix - 416
  4. Silarious - 357
  5. Shadowfox - 323
  6. moditty - 300
  7. MarquisGGs - 293
  8. Brotherblood - 290
  9. Mendo - 278
  10. Wix - 275
  11. TheDonutFromRVB - 274
  12. Murrciless - 254
  13. TheReborn - 244
  14. Kakashi Waifu - 242
  15. Erox - 237
  16. OptSolo - 225
  17. mango - 200
  18. Omnomnom - 187
  19. [R] Mello] - 186
  20. Artrix - 186
  21. Spex - 185
  22. Ayredyl - 184
  23. Welllou - 183
  24. KuroAkita - 180
  25. BryceSus - 178

Bonus Stats:

  • Explorers by order of popularity:
    • Tarik
    • Halden
    • Valora
    • Kali
    • Cruz
    • Jae
    • Letty
  • 2,836,846 Data Points were gathered - only 1,769,293 were extracted
  • 27,194 Explorers taken out by the Outlander Marksman
  • 6,446 Deaths by Bear!
  • 79,559 Heat Gel items were crafted to keep you Explorers warm

Bear 4K (no watermark)

What’s next? That’s likely your question. The answer is - very exciting times!

We’re aiming to be back online and welcoming players back into Scavengers in March 2021.

We’re very excited about the next stage of Scavengers and we’re looking forward to sharing more details and info with you soon.

Until then, we’re focusing on addressing all the feedback points we’ve mentioned in this blog, working hard to continue improving Scavengers and getting ready for the next time you’re in-game.

Keep Warm,


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22 December 2020

Thanks for playing in the first Scavengers PC Closed Beta, we’ll see you next year!