Fight and Flight Update

23 February 2022


We’ll be performing an update on Thursday, February 24th at 8 AM PT / 4 PM GMT. Downtime is expected to last for two hours and the servers will be unavailable during this time.

Here’s what to expect in this update:

New Enemies

Outlander Boss: Bulwark

A new, terrifying boss, Bulwark, roams the frozen wasteland. Unlike other Outlander bosses, Bulwark isn’t found just in Outlander Outposts. Like Sluka, Bulwark can be found in any location as a late game boss.

Bulwark is a hard-hitting, heavily armored Outlander armed with two sturdy shields and heat seeking rockets and traveling with Elite Outlanders. Proceed with extreme caution and consider attacking from the sides and rear if you can’t shoot through his shields.

Nightmare Wolves

The wildlife in Cascade Springs can be dangerous to the unaware - especially a pack of hungry wolves. Even more deadly than the wolves you’re used to facing is the Nightmare wolf. These special wolves are stronger and fiercer than normal wolves. Pay attention after killing a pack, as a Nightmare wolf could come back from the grave to haunt you…

New Items

With this update, we’re introducing two new Craftable items. These items can also be found in caches in Cascade Springs.

Portable Fire

Staying warm is key to surviving this frozen wasteland. The cozy Portable Fire provides AOE (area of effect) warmth for you and your teammates to chase away the chill. Unlike the Thermal Boost, this item does not stack in your inventory. Carrying multiple Portable Fires will prevent you from carrying other items.

Lightning Grenade

Perfect for dealing with a mob, the Lightning Grenade releases arcs of lightning that bounces between enemies.

Jump Cannon

There are several ways to get around Cascade Springs: use a vehicle, walk, run, or slide! Keen Explorers will find a new way to explore the world and collect the data Mother requires via Jump Cannons! Running onto a pad will launch you into the air, flying you towards your next destination.

The direction for the Jump Cannon is fixed, so if you decide to make the leap you’ll need to head where the winds of fate take you. Rumor has it that careful maneuvering can lead some enemies to use a Jump Cannon; however, trying to jump a vehicle will end in failure.

Game Changes

  • Reload Indicator
    • We’ve added a reload indicator underneath the crosshair. You can quickly tell how close you are to reloading your weapon and getting back into the fight!
  • Who Killed Me
    • In a hectic fight, it may be difficult to determine who killed you - and how. We’ve improved the UI in Spectator Mode to call out exactly how you died and by whom.
  • XP Feed Improvements
    • You earn XP for different actions like collecting Data and killing enemies, but it’s hard to track how much XP you earn each time. With this update, you’ll see how much XP is earned for each action slightly below the reticle, making it easy to know how much a Bloatbile kill is worth.
  • Letty EMP Jump
    • Jump Cannon’s aren’t the only way to leave the ground! Point Letty’s EMP Blast at the ground by her feet to launch yourself into the air.
  • Scrap cost for Vehicles reduced to 200 Scrap

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Rin’s Smoke Screen should now work correctly on all surfaces
  • Fixed: Chainskark’s light melee attack didn’t work while sprinting
  • Fixed: Run ‘N Gun Talent has no effect on hipfire flinch or accuracy
  • Fixed: Jae’s Maverick Depthcharger does not deplete Stamina from the enemy target. Jae does correctly gain Stamina when using Maverick Depthcharger
  • Fixed: Tarik’s Longstriker Desperado doesn’t cause the target to explode
  • Fixed: The XP bar does not update when a player levels up while respawning
  • Fixed: Ability cooldowns sometimes don’t transition correctly, when using the ability immediately after the cooldown finishes
  • Fixed: After a player was eliminated, it showed a negative amount of Data was needed to respawn
  • Fixed: Lethal damage from grenades to Mongrels or Infected Alpha wolves can cause the enemy to launch with excessive velocity that isn’t visible to the naked eye
  • Fixed: Damage values do not display correctly when attacking a Clone Kit that is in the process of respawning players
  • Fixed: When using an Explorer at max level 50, the Match Summary screen shows negative EXP awarded towards level 51
  • Fixed: Materials and Components are sometimes not tracked correctly for some Research projects
  • Fixed: A downed player attempting to climb a ledge with stutter and hang in midair
  • Fixed: Sometimes when a console player kicks another player from their Party, they cannot use the D-pad to highlight or select another player on the main Party tab
  • Fixed: On console, players cannot navigate using the D-pad when navigating the Friends list after joining, adding a friend, or being kicked from a Party
  • Fixed: On console, the focus is sometimes on Settings and not on Find Game after starting Scavengers
  • Fixed: On console, players are sometimes unable to navigate the menu when in the Emotes tab
  • Fixed: The revive animation is sometimes misaligned on man made surfaces, such s roofs and floors
  • Fixed: The Party Full message overlaps with other text in the Invites tab
  • Fixed: Various floating objects, cars, and buildings
  • Fixed: Clicking on a locked Explorer in the Explorer tab doesn’t redirect to the Shop
  • Fixed: Some instances of visible gaps between the ground and a wall or building
  • Fixed: Using Rosie Sledgehammer or Heartseeker Shockwave on knocked down enemies sometimes makes the enemy immediately stand up
  • Fixed: Some tents did not provide shelter from storms
  • Fixed: Players could get stuck in various locations
  • Fixed: Some instances of unseen obstructions preventing passage
  • Fixed: Some instances where a seam was visible in the snow
  • Fixed: Four elevated torches that form a square around a hearth did not provide heat and were not extinguished during a storm. These torches have been removed
  • Fixed: Several instances where Scourge spawn in the floor or behind objects and are unable to move
  • Fixed: Several instances where Outlanders get stuck between objects or in doorways
  • Fixed: Some instances of jagged or shifting patches of snow inside buildings
  • Fixed: Several instances of incorrectly placed objects
  • Fixed: Issue with level of detail visible on a stack of tires
  • Fixed: Some instances of chests placed under the ground
  • Fixed: An instance of players gaining the benefits of full shelter from a storm while on an open rooftop
  • Fixed: Several instances where objects or buildings did not have the proper collision
  • Fixed: Several instances were objects clipped into each other, into a building, or into the ground
  • Fixed: Players were able to enter an area that should be inaccessible at Market Plaza
  • Fixed: Incorrect textures on some cages and objects
  • Fixed: Some in-game text was incorrectly displayed in some languages
  • Fixed: Some instances where it was difficult to jump or clamber up onto a ledge or balcony
  • Fixed: The Confirm Settings text was sometimes missing
  • Fixed: Keyboard and controller inputs do not scroll through the content in the Home tab
  • Fixed: Explorer audio sometimes gets cut off
  • Fixed: The Explorer is sometimes visible in the Title, Emblem, or Banner tab
  • Fixed: After highlighting an emblem or banner that belongs to a specific skin line (e.g. First Frontier or Protector), the name of that skin line is shown on emblems or banners that aren’t associated with it
  • Fixed: The Load Screen music doesn’t stop after exiting a match
  • Fixed: Low Stamina animation was missing
  • Fixed: Map and minimap font size is sometimes too small or too large
  • Fixed: After completing a Keeper interaction, the notification sometimes appears twice in the feed
  • Fixed: Pinging an item sometimes yields an incorrect message
  • Fixed: The Bandage animation continued after a player was downed
  • Fixed: The Voice icon is visible when a player has Voice Chat disabled

Keep Warm,

Watch and Earn!

24 February 2022

Receive cool Scavengers rewards when viewing Twitch streams

Season Interlude Extended

9 February 2022

New cosmetics added to the Season Interlude