Latest Scavenger Game Updates

18 September 2020

Here are the game updates for the Technical Playtest Weekend, September, 18th - September 20th:


  • We’ve got new explorers and updates to existing ones!

  • Our first new explorer is Letty, who has an EMP blast ability that temporarily disables vehicles, stuns AI enemies, and has a knockback effect. She also carries a powerful hand cannon.

  • We’ve also introduced a new explorer named Cruz. He wields a rapid-fire SMG and his ability (Tailwind) increases his movement speed and leaves a trailing slipstream of energy that will accelerate his teammates as well.

  • Jae has a new ability! He now activates an overshield that increases protection against damage so long as he continues dealing damage.

  • Explorer “Ashe” has been renamed “Tarik”.

  • All player characters have received a new look to match the developing Scavengers style.

Game Mode

  • There’s a new tutorial to introduce players to the basics of Scavengers before they jump into a session.

  • New scoring rules: datapoints must be carried aboard dropship at end of the game (or banked at one of the transmission sites prior to extraction). If your team is eliminated or doesn’t make it aboard the dropship before departure, you will lose. Session length is now variable and dictated by weather conditions (no longer tied to 100pt scoring goal).

  • Wandering boss encounters: There is now a roaming boss encounter that will spawn on the map. The team that takes the boss out gets data points, so expect some competition for the prize.

  • The storms now close in on the map as they rise in category level, pushing players closer to each other as the match draws near an end.

  • New dropship that serves as a battle arena for those who make it to the end of the match. Survive on the dropship and extract to get your rewards safely off the hostile planet.

Core Gameplay

  • New passive abilities (known as Talents) to add to your loadout and customize your playstyle.

  • Major updates to inventory, item use, and weapon HUD: The inventory has been streamlined for better UX on both mouse and keyboard, plus gamepad.

  • Updates to the equipped weapon, grenade, item, and ability HUD.

  • Radial wheel for equipping and using items.

  • Player executions: new animations for PvP executions.

  • New class weapon configurations, wildcard weapons, and craftable items to try out in your loadout.

  • A new Predator sniper rifle has been added as a wildcard weapon; can also be found while scavenging on the surface.

  • New craftable Ammo Crate can be added to loadouts for a deployable source of ammo.

  • Slide improvements: sliding is now momentum-based and will be automatically continued after jumping off ledges and other small drops.

  • Downed players are more vulnerable to damage and therefore more easily killed with direct gunfire. Downed players can still be executed and this provides additional rewards in the form of scrap and ammo.

  • The new ammo system unifies ammunition for found weapons, class weapons, and wildcards. Ammo is now automatically picked up and maximum capacity is limited per ammo type.

  • Several Outlander encampments now feature dog kennels. Once alerted, camp defenders will open the kennels, unleashing ferocious mongrels that will seek out and attack hostiles.


  • New encounter areas and polish pass on environment art.

  • Updated lighting system for a more beautiful, realistic sky and environment.


  • Art pass on several HUD elements and menu screens.

  • Improved stamina HUD for a clearer understanding of the system, as well as polish on stamina tuning and the actions it affects.

  • New invite system that improves the flow of searching for and joining friends before matches.

  • Map improvements: new darker map treatment and storm iconography, representing the direction of storm travel.


  • We’ve made a number of improvements to the audio experience, including new weapon sounds, new musical cues, new explorer VO, and a complete mastering pass.

As always, remember to fill out the in-game feedback after each playtest. If you think some of the above changes helped the game, or if you’d like to see something done differently, we want to know! You can also leave comments in #Scavengers-Feedback in our Discord.

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