New Cosmetic Items are Coming!

24 May 2021


We’re introducing new cosmetic items, to make the Scavengers experience unique for you as part of the game update on Wednesday, May 26th!

Not all cosmetics will be available immediately and we’ll be adding more options in the future, so please let us know what you would like to see!

New Emblems, Banners, and Titles

You can now show off new emblems, banners, and titles as part of this update. Many of these new items can be unlocked just by playing Scavengers through leveling up an Explorer or participating in events or playtests! These cosmetics are set for your account and will be visible regardless of the Explorer selected.

When you’re ready to showcase a new style, simply open up the Social menu. We’ve added new functionality to this menu, and it now includes all the emblems, banners, and titles. Select any unlocked items and you’re ready to show off to your squad.

These cosmetics are displayed behind your Explorer as you navigate the main lobby. When you join a party, you bring your emblem, banner, and title with you - impress your friends! These items also migrate to the Explorer selection lobby.

We also have a special Early Adopter title for all active players who joined us before the upcoming account wipe on Wednesday, May 26th. In addition, any player who reached at least account level 10 before the wipe will receive more cool rewards - including new Frontrunner banners and emblems!

New Weapon Skins

We’re adding a new way to personalize your in-game experience - weapon skins are coming to Scavengers! We’re starting out with skins for only two weapons, but we’ll be adding more over time. These weapon skins won’t be available immediately and we’ll be adding more in the future.

We’re excited to introduce new cosmetic items in the next update and hope you enjoy them. This is only the beginning and we plan to add more ways to personalize your Scavengers experience in the future.

We would love to get your thoughts and feedback on what new cosmetic items you would like to see in the future - share them with us on Discord, Twitter and our other social channels.

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