Questions Of The Week - 1

11 February 2021


Welcome to Questions of the Week, our regular blog where we answer some of the questions you’ve been dying to ask our team about Scavengers.

Last week, we put the call out on our Discord, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels to hear what burning questions you had for us. Here are the answers from various members of the Midwinter development team.

Will there be a variety of game modes to choose from eventually?

@BeyondxLimit, Twitter

Ben B (Game Designer):
This could be cool, and we’ve kept it in mind. We want to make sure we nail the core mode first though, and that we don’t split our player population between modes, so that wait time for a match is consistently low. This wouldn’t be optimal player experience.

TJ (Game Designer):
Yup, we're open to it. We built the mode (known as "Expedition") to be flexible and support expansion. We'll probably start by adding to the existing mode, or layering on "mutators" - time-limited game rules that mix things up. We want to keep things loose, though - try things out, and see what players respond to.

What have been your inspirations?

@ben_christopher96, Instagram

Audrey M (Producer):
One of my biggest inspirations working on the project, is how much our team actually plays the game. When we get close to milestone ends and public playtests, we run matches constantly to make sure we understand what kind of experience we're putting out there. I think it also keeps us closer to our players and community. When you don't play the game, you don't get the perspective of someone who actually experiences the mechanics, the wins/losses, the excitement, etc. One of our values at Midwinter is "take time to play" and I really think our studio lives by that.

Jeremy M (AKA Squints) (UI Designer):
Not to be cheesy but I have been really inspired by our community. The amount of thought and effort that goes into the feedback that is shared with us is awesome and seeing all of the fanart and memes (shoutout to MADDKATT) brings me so much joy. We set out to make Scavengers a game that strongly valued the community, and the critical feedback and support everyone has given us makes me want to make Scavengers better and better each and every day.

Ben B (Game Designer):
A fair few people on the team are from cold, cold places. In many ways this game is autobiographical. (Don’t tell my mom I said this.)

How will this game be monitored against cheaters, hackers? I really hope you guys have a plan and a system to ban quickly and effectively against cheaters...

@AngelTronic86, Twitter

TJ (Game Designer):
We have TOP PEOPLE working on this as we speak! Obviously, this is of paramount concern. We’re working on systemic anti-cheat as well as integrated reporting and CS features to help expeditiously identify and deal with cheaters.

Audrey M (Producer):
We know cheaters make the game less fun for everyone, so we're working hard at improving our anti-cheat integration. We appreciate the community being patient with us as we sort out any kinks, and continuing to report on suspicious behavior to us. It helps us a lot to know our community is keeping an eye out to make sure everyone gets a fair and fun match.

What are your favorite games and why? Has that affected your development/decision making for Scavengers and how?

Silarious, Discord

TJ (Game Designer):
For me, it has to be Minecraft. It’s so many things to so many people that it’s kind of hard to get your head around, but this NY Times Magazine feature does a good job of capturing it.

Josh H (Creative Designer):
One of my favorite games that I keep coming back to is Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm. For those who are unfamiliar, it's a MOBA featuring characters from across the universe of Blizzard games. I love the IP and I really enjoy the emphasis on effective teamwork compared to other MOBAs I've played. This is something we've prioritized in the design for Scavengers and I am not the only HotS fan on our team, so I'm sure it has had some influence on the game!

Audrey M (Producer):
I'd say I love Overcooked, because it teaches me a lot about how people interact with each other under pressure and time constraints. That’s maybe the Producer in me, but it nails teamwork and organization. With good communication, a plan, and a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get dirty when the kitchen is on fire, you can see a lot of magic happen when people put their minds together. It's not necessarily my favorite game ever, but one that really reaches out of the screen and grabs you. Put a group of silent people in a room and turn on Overcooked. In one minute, they'll be sweating bullets and yelling "I NEED LETTUCE, STAT!"

Ben B (Game Designer):
Scavengers. Obviously. Also, I have a very difficult time picking a favorite, I play so many different genres of games, so I try to draw inspiration pretty broadly. There’s some obvious team-based shooters and MOBAs, but some great games that inspire me include the tabletop Fall of Magic, A Dark Room, Queers in Love at the End of the World, Blaseball, the Tragedy of GJ237b, The Quiet Year, and loads more!

Daryl A (Art Director):
I'd say Warcraft III, Frozen Throne - the OG version for me. I’m a big fan of Random Teams. I'd play quite aggressively, the rush from hitting a big creep, bringing that power back into the battle against a foe was just great. I hated it when a Hero would catch me weak, mid-battle, then I'd have to run or teleport back to base with my tail between my legs and regroup. So much emotion in that game, I’m emotional thinking about it now.

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