QOTW - Food, Maps and Mod Systems

5 June 2021


Welcome to Questions of the Week, our regular blog where we answer some of the questions you’ve been dying to ask our team about *Scavengers.*

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Will there be a mod system for weapons or different skins for the Explorers?

@The0815Guy, Twitter

Ben B (Game Designer):
You can research different variants of the Explorer’s weapons that have different damage types and gameplay. We’ve talked about expanding that system but we’re also very cognizant of the tightrope that progression brings to single-session games like this, so we’re being very intentionally careful. We are supporting additional skins - but cosmetics won’t affect gameplay.

What's your favorite food?

@Mushroum, Discord

Nee (Community):
Pho. 80% of my bloodwork is pho broth.

Ben B (Game Designer):
My mom makes this broccoli salad that I really can’t stand. Other than that, I’m a pretty big fan of food.

Angel (Operations & Finance):
My favorite food is (no surprises here from the resident Midwinter Mexican)... Mexican food! As cliche as it sounds, tacos are the ultimate food for me. In particular, good Mexico City-style "tacos al pastor" and tacos de RibEye (from El Califa ™).

Audrey M (Producer):
My favorite food is sushi. I could eat it for the rest of my life. A few of us in the office love omakase (the chef picks what you eat). It's one of the things I'm looking forward to most about being in the studio in person again!

Christine aka dance (Community):
I grew up with my dad grilling burgers throughout the summer and it remains one of my favorite go-to foods. I actually got a cast iron grill skillet just so I could have the classic grill lines on my burgers!

Do Explorers have morning routines? (E.g.: Drinking coffee and staring almost soulless at a wall for some time.)

@SkyTrigger, Discord

Ben B (Game Designer):
Halden starts every morning with a chai latte and pilates.

Tarik has been trying for months to get Mother to make another clone of them so they have someone “worthy” to play chess against.

Valora is trying to master the drums for Zepplin’s “Moby Dick” out in the empty shuttle hanger.

Cruz and Letty chill in the workshop, betting on classic football matches they’ve never seen.

Jae has been trying to make an open-world VR game by himself, but he’s been working on grass deformation physics for 2 years now, and it’s never going to ship.

Kali got Letty to hack a Keeper to create pork instead of recloning humans. She’s trying to recreate some classic Belarusian dishes, but... the results taste a bit suspicious.

Will there be other types of maps - like desert, monsoon, or rainforest?

@Graz Doz Trez, Facebook

Wade (Environment Artist):
There's no official plan for a new map for now. The only solid plans we have for map related content involve expansions or changes to Cascade Springs. As brainstorming exercises, we've talked about other biomes, but that would be way out into the future.

Ben B (Game Designer):
Well, it's an ice age, but that doesn't mean that there aren't variations in biome. We have some cool ideas that we're exploring and Discord regulars know that you can't have scourgified lobsters without a scourgified maritime environment. That being said (and like Wade mentioned), there's going to be more to explore in Cascade Springs as we further refine how the map affects the gameplay.

Justin L (Game Designer)::
Yup to what’s said above. There will be more to explore in Cascade Springs and only Mother knows what could be stirring beneath the snow. While there are no immediate plans, any new map would have distinct biome variations from Cascade Springs.

Explorers can reach Level 6, Level 7 (and assumedly higher) in matches, do you have plans for anything at that level? Currently you unlock legendaries at Level 5 and that is it, will there be any advantage/reason to advance further to higher levels?

@buterchickenwar#4065 [ASIA], Discord

TJ (Game Designer):
We may use the rest of the leveling runway in future limited-time modes, but there are no plans to use levels beyond 5 in Expedition.

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