September 23rd Update

22 September 2021


Our team needs some extra time to finish up work on the patch that was previously scheduled for today at 8 AM PT. We'll announce the new timing for the update on our social platforms once we've finished that work.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience!


We’ll be performing an update on Thursday, September 23rd, around 8 AM PT / 4 PM BST.

Scavengers will be unavailable for downtime starting at 8 AM PT / 4 PM BST. This downtime is expected to last for approximately 1 hour.

Here’s what to expect in this update:

Weapon Tuning

  • Opus
    • Damage reduced slightly
    • Reload duration increased slightly
    • A bit more recoil in hipfire
  • Argonaut Splash
    • ADS (aim down sights) movement speed reduced
  • Pistols
    • ADS movement speed increased
  • Sniper rifles
    • ADS movement speed reduced
  • Shotguns
    • Increased recoil to make super rapid shots less accurate


  • Reduced the number of Rescue Beacons obtained from an Item Cache
  • You can now equip Emotes into specific slots of your Emote Wheel
  • You can preview Emotes while in the Explorer loadout screen
  • New shotgun wildcard available in Research: the Grimalkin. For those of you who have been wanting a wildcard shotgun option, the Grimalkin has you covered!
  • New throwable available in Research: the Bait Bomb. Toss one at your enemies to swarm them with Scourge enemies
  • New Explorer skins, weapon skins, Keeper frames, emotes, and executions will be added to the Shop
  • The slowdown applied to enemies hit by Reflector Shields has been reduced
  • Research and seasons now paginate over when scrolling through the lists of items
  • Explorer abilities now interrupt emotes
  • Improvements to the VFX when Explorers warm up next to a fire
  • New environmental locations to fill out the post-apocalyptic world of Cascade Springs
    • The abandoned Cinemaze theater
    • The Cluck King restaurant

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Players can sometimes use their ability while downed
  • Fixed: High latency icon shows up even when the network connection is stable
  • Fixed: Rin’s SHIN-48 Tsunami chain lightning proc chance does not respect its cooldown
  • Fixed: Floating environment assets and supply chests clipping into the snow
  • Fixed: Several client crashes
  • Fixed: Some buildables in Horde Mode were not respecting the minimum time to build
  • Fixed: The sprint reticle is vertically off-center
  • Fixed: Growth Cluster does not provide heat while standing near it
  • Fixed: Cazador Cheetah drains stamina from teammates
  • Fixed: If a single team remains in the match and dies on the planet they still see “Successful Extraction” at the end
  • Fixed: The message feed sometimes says “[X] pinged a Keeper interactable” when you ping objectives
  • Fixed: Fog of War icons sometimes fail to clear off the map
  • Fixed: Previously-cleared Fog of War icons no longer remain on your minimap gutter
  • Fixed: Several Fog of War icons are guttering in the minimap when they should not
  • Fixed: Players sometimes spawn in facing the wrong way
  • Fixed: Some buildings are inaccurately represented on the map
  • Fixed: Warsong hipfire recoil forces the gun upwards continuously
  • Fixed: Fires on torches have distorted sound effects
  • Fixed: Thresh play the wrong animation when they are knocked down, causing them to instantly drop to the ground
  • Fixed: Bears are using the wrong LODs (level of detail) at a near distance, causing them to look blocky
  • Fixed: Retch head detaches from its neck during attacks
  • Fixed: Retch weak spot can be hit even when not exposed
  • Fixed: Teammates sometimes appear to be floating when moving around
  • Fixed: Some parts of the environment cannot be mantled upon
  • Fixed: Sluka sometimes does not appear or looks very blocky on lower-end PCs
  • Fixed: Clone Kit does not animate while it clones Explorers
  • Fixed: The Voidbarrel unlocks at Research Tier 4 but can only be researched in Tier 5
  • Fixed: Outlander shoulder pads sometimes detach while they shoot
  • Fixed: Growth Cluster shows the wrong name on the map
  • Fixed: Jae’s Overshield sometimes appears visually permanent (though the Overshield behavior is not)
  • Fixed: 1-handed melee weapons have a chance to stun enemies again

Keep Warm,


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