Get Ready for the Season Interlude!

17 January 2022


Get ready for the Season Interlude! Enjoy a free mini battle pass that rewards you with Chips and materials to Research new gear! The Interlude lasts for a month, starting on Wednesday, January 19th and ending on Wednesday, February 16th.

There are two ways to get the battle pass from the Shop. The stand-alone Season Interlude Battle Pass is free and will net you 20% more Season Points (SP) upon completing Challenges.

For those looking for a boost, you can purchase the Season Interlude Elite Bundle for 250 Chips. With this bundle, you’ll receive the free battle plus five tier skips. These tier skips can be used to quickly work your way through the Season Interlude rewards or saved for future Seasons.

You can only purchase the Season Interlude Battle Pass OR the Season Interlude Elite Bundle. Once you have purchased either item, BOTH items will be removed from the Shop.

Immediately after obtaining the Season Interlude battle pass you can unlock your first reward - 125 Nanites. Completing Challenges will award you with the Season Points to unlock more rewards. Don’t forget to claim your rewards as you unlock higher tiers!

The Season Interlude focuses on rewarding Research materials, so expect to earn Nanites, Healthy Germplasm, Meteoric Alloy, Musk Gland, Rare Earth Magnet, and Chips as you progress through the tiers.

We hope you enjoy the Season Interlude!

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