Awesome Fan Art and Videos

18 June 2021


It’s time for another Community Roundup! We love watching your videos and streams, reading your guides, and seeing your awesome art.

Kali seems undisturbed by Sanctuary’s strange weather in this chilly GIF!

Scavengers Kali Snow Image

Click image to view the GIF
Credit: ℙ𝕠𝕪𝕠𝕟, Discord

Some fun and exciting game moments from Naxtilian and their squad! Which is your favorite?
Credit: Naxtilian, Discord, YouTube

Speeding up with Cruz’ Tailwind or a racing a vehicle - how do you travel across Cascade Springs?!

Scavengers Cruz Meme

Credit: engrdan7, Discord

What an amazing teamfight victory!

Scavengers Tweet

Click the image to view the Tweet
Credit: SilvrmanTSC, Twitter, Twitch

Check out these cool 3D renders of Scavengers Explorers! Absolutely wild!

Scavengers 3D Explorer

Credit: h_gigerr, Discord

That sweet satisfaction of killing enemy players! A fun compilation video showcasing some cool kills by Jae.
Credit: RambomanDan, YouTube, Twitter

Thank you Explorers for your videos, cool artwork, streams and fun gameplay moments. Please share your creations with fellow players in Discord or with #ScavengersGame on Twitter.

We can’t wait to see more of your adventures in Cascade Springs!

This Week's Dev Focus

21 June 2021

We're focusing on our next game update!

This Week's Dev Focus

15 June 2021

Here’s what the team is working on this week!