December 16th Update

15 December 2021


We’ll be performing an update Thursday, December 16th, around 8 AM PT / 4 PM GMT. There will be downtime during this update, which is expected to last 2 hours.

Here’s what to expect in this update:

Shotgun Damage:

“We’re fixing the crazy shotgun damage.”

Currently, shotgun damage isn’t in a healthy spot. This is largely due to recently fixing a bug associated with our anti-cheat measures which caused shotgun damage to increase. A secondary cause is a recent optimization change. We halved the number of pellets and doubled the damage per pellet, leading to a net zero change in damage. Coupled with the anti-cheat fix, this led to the perception that damage had increased.

With this hotfix, we’re lowering the damage for all shotguns, to compensate for our anti-cheat measures. This tuning change should bring shotgun damage to its intended level. We will continue to monitor the damage output for all shotguns, to ensure that the compensation tuning is sufficient.

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed: Sometimes when a player jumps on a hearth, they are teleported to another location
  • Fixed: Players unable to pick up items from rooftops covered with snow
  • Fixed: Improved accuracy when firing the sniper rifles after sprinting
  • Fixed: Incorrect collision model after driving over a bridge
  • Fixed: Outlanders can get stuck in the gap between the solar panels at ‘Array’
  • Fixed: Several instances where Kali’s cape moved unnaturally or clipped through her body
  • Fixed: Several instances where the First Frontier Cruz skin clipped unnaturally
  • Fixed: Unnatural movement for Halden’s Classic skin during some emotes

Join the Festival!

26 December 2021

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November 18th Update

18 November 2021

Killfeed improvements, prepping for the AleXa Fan Party, and bug fixes!