The Storm Arrives with Björn

21 March 2022


There’s a chill in the air in stormy Cascade Springs as we gear up for a new season of Scavengers. Groovy skins and an insightful Explorer make their debut with The Storm's Wrath.

Introducing Björn

Cool and collected, Björn is ready to help his team and Mother achieve their objectives. Dual-wielding Hakkas and utilizing the keen senses of Bestial Rage, Björn is a melee master, fighting up close and personal.

Björn’s signature weapon is the Hakkas - deadly weapons perfect for decimating close quarter opponents. Dual-wield these lethal ice picks for a one-two punch with additional bleed damage finishing off low health enemies. Upgrade his weapon to wield a different weapon type with exciting attack variations. Quickly hammer your opponents with a lunge attack or use a spinning ax whirlwind attack to easily take down a mob of enemies. For those who prefer a slightly ranged option, upgrade to a throwable Hakkas that sparks a lightning chain reaction between enemies.

Björn’s signature ability, Bestial Rage, is ideal for his preferred close quarters combat. Activating his ability will show enemy players on the map, allowing Björn to track down his prey. If the enemy is already in sight, use the increased movement speed to get within range and take down your opponents with quick melee attacks and improved Stamina recovery.

Björn will be in the Shop starting March 23rd.

The Storm's Wrath

The next highly anticipated season arrives shortly!

Unlocking the Battle Pass immediately grants your first reward, introducing a brand new skin line - Jae’s Wet Works!

Unique banners, emblems, titles, and groovy Steep and Deep skins are also available as part of the Battle Pass. And, to help your progression, you can earn Salvage, Research materials and even Chips.

Don’t forget to click the ‘Claim’ button as you reach each tier!

There are over 90 curated items in The Storm's Wrath Battle Pass, giving you plenty of opportunity to earn rewards and customize your Explorers.

There are two ways to unlock the Battle Pass:

  • The Storm's Wrath Battle Pass: 1,150 Chips (PC)
  • The Storm's Wrath Battle Pass + 20 Tier Skips: 2,150 Chips (PC)

All console players will be able to unlock The Storm's Wrath Battle Pass for free.

We hope you enjoy testing out the new Explorer, Björn, and The Storm's Wrath season. Let us know what you think about our keen tracker on Discord, Twitter and our other social channels!


22 March 2022

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March 3rd Hotfix

2 March 2022

We’re fixing some player movement issues and giving Bulwark Salvage to drop