Your Invitation to AleXa’s Global Fan Party

Join AleXa live alongside thousands of other fans, all together in one virtual arena. This is your chance to party with AleXa, ask her questions and celebrate her music in a breathtaking new reality. And after the show, AleXa will pick 11 random participants to receive a personalized video message just for them!

Jump in with AleXa this Saturday 20th November, 8pm PST / Sunday 21st November, 1pm KST / 4am GMT / 5am CET.

To make this all possible AleXa has collaborated with Improbable, who will host AleXa’s Global Fan Party in ScavLab, the publisher’s groundbreaking virtual event platform within action-shooter Scavengers.

We hope you can join the party. Sign up for an event reminder below.


  1. Open the Steam app on your PC (you’ll need to register for a Steam account if it’s your first time. Need help creating a Steam account? Follow this link). You can find recommended PC specs here.
  2. Download Scavengers from the Steam store
  3. Launch the game from 7:45pm-8:00pm PST on Saturday 20th November/12.45pm-1:00pm KST on Sunday 21st November, select “Join AleXa’s Global Fan Party” when prompted

See you there!

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