Featured News

PC Open Access on Steam and EGS from May 1st!

28 April 2021

Doors are open for Scavengers - all players can jump in straight away! Find out what’s happening in our PC Early Access...

Our Focus This Week

6 July 2021

Preparing for the July content update and reviewing your respawn system feedback!

Check Out These Streamers

4 July 2021

A look at some creative content from the Scavengers community!

June 29th Hotfix

28 June 2021

Our latest hotfix address the end of match Salvage issue and storm frequency issue!

Current Dev Focus

28 June 2021

Here’s what the team is working on this week!

QOTW - Animations, Limited Time Modes, and More

26 June 2021

The team answers your questions on crazy stories during development and will there be limited time modes!

June 25th Hotfix

24 June 2021

Find out what’s being fixed and adjusted in our latest Scavengers hotfix

June 23rd Patch Notes

22 June 2021

Check out what’s new in our latest update!

Upcoming Resurrection System Changes

21 June 2021

Learn more about the resurrection changes coming in our next update!