Questions Of The Week - 3

26 February 2021


Welcome to Questions of the Week, our regular blog where we answer some of the questions you’ve been dying to ask our team about *Scavengers.*

Thank you for continuing to fire over questions to the team - keep sharing them on our Discord, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels.

In the meantime, here’s what our dev team had to say to this week’s q’s.

Will there be a shoulder swap mechanic added? And do you have any plans for a ranked game mode or leaderboards?

@realmellomikey, Instagram

Josh (Creative Designer):
There’s no plans for a shoulder swap mechanic. We did some early experiments and didn’t like the way it played in the context of our game. It’s something we may revisit in future but it’s not a high priority right now. It would require a significant overhaul to our shooting and animation systems.

Audrey (Producer):
We do not currently have a shoulder swap mechanic, but when we're live and running, we'll always be looking at top community requests for new features and improvements so we'll keep this in mind!

And for ranked modes and leaderboards: we do not currently have a ranked mode planned for the immediate future but we are working towards leaderboards! We've seen lots of feedback from the community on this and are working hard to get you fun challenges, stats, and placements to work towards as you play Scavengers.

What actually is the devs stance on teaming? Is it allowed?

@KindOfJaz, Discord

Josh (Creative Designer):
We're against teaming in the sense of 2+ squads ganging up on everyone else, but also acknowledge that in a game like Scavengers, it's sometimes best to avoid certain fights. This is obviously a complicated thing to solve for, and we have no punishments in place for it (yet), but we're keeping a close eye.

If we see a pattern of teams combining forces in a premeditated fashion so that they can dominate others, we'll look to take action.

Taking the unforgiving climate in *Scavengers into consideration, where do you draw your inspiration for gear that both looks good and will keep the Explorers warm enough to survive?*

@Okeythen, Discord

Daryl (Art Director):
Inspiration for the cold weather apparel has come from a lot of places, most of which are driven by the needs and personality of a given character.

Cruz for example, is a speed-demon, so we pulled some cues from competition Snowmobiling. Scavengers is set in a near-future apocalypse and beautiful frozen wasteland. Character designs typically start from a tactical, techwear base, and then we add accents and details from arctic/antarctic exploration or mountaineering equipment for example.

There is a futuristic, military aspect to much of the gear as well for added protection in the wasteland. In some cases, fur is used to keep characters looking warm and as a decorative element. Some of us at Midwinter are avid snowboarders, myself included! Snowboarding fashion cues often make their way into the visual style of many of our characters and skins.

Ben B (Game Designer):
While I have no style myself, I love high fashion and enjoy sharing compelling ensembles and aesthetics with the team, especially if it supports the narrative of the world and the characters. Sometimes, the best stuff comes from listening to folks on the team saying "You know what would be cool..."

Will there be cosmetics in the future?

@dybuFLX, Twitter

Audrey (Producer):
Yes! We have lots of goodies up our sleeves that we can't wait to show you. You might see (or have seen) previews of a few cosmetics in the previous playtests, but there will be lots more to show in the future!

Ben B (Game Designer):
Echoing that with a big yes. We have big plans for awesome skins and really cool ways to customize your favorite Explorer!

Will there be an option to play in first-person?

@kjarre.bourgeois, Facebook

Wix (Game Designer):
When looking through the scope of long range weapons you are effectively placed in first-person mode. We do not currently have plans to support a full fledged first-person view.

Similar to a shoulder-swap mechanic, adding a first person mode requires a ton of work and we’re currently focusing our resources on making more characters, weapons, enemies and other cool stuff we have planned ahead!

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