QOTW - Data, Mobile Enemies & More!

15 April 2021


Welcome to Questions of the Week, our regular blog where we answer some of the questions you’ve been dying to ask our team about *Scavengers.*

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Who are the resident data junkies at Midwinter and what's your favourite kind of statistic or graph to look at?

@Silarious, Discord

Loek (Data Scientist):
Loads of people at Midwinter look at data to inform their decisions! Above anything else, we care deeply about the player experience and therefore carefully monitor a set of statistics that reflect this. One metric in particular is based on the questions around “fun” in the exit surveys. This gives us a simple and honest view about the state of things that cuts through all the noise, but also helps us validate our more quantitative measures of the experience, like overall time spent or the number of matches played. So please keep scoring those questions!

Justin L (Game Designer):
My favorite set of data to watch is the time to first craft for individual items. I think this information helps give us a holistic picture of an individual session on the cohort level. I like to use it as an initial indicator to keep an eye on evolving metas, pacing, and the perception of value amongst the player base.

Do you have any plans to improve the weapon graphics or sound, to make them more realistic?

@trbesoj, Instagram

Andy (Audio Director):
All weapons sound has been overhauled since the last playtest. One feature I really like is when you get close to the end of a clip the sound starts to change letting you know you'll need to reload soon.

Wix (Game Designer):
Scavengers is not a military simulation game, so realism is not really an end goal in itself. The weapons are fantasy versions of real world weapons, and we have a lot more things to reveal in the future. Among them are ways to let you personalize your weapons. And as always in game development, there are tons of things that can be polished further. Right now we are focused on making the gameplay tight and rewarding.

Are there any plans to add more mobile AI groups? Is there a limitation there on how far an AI can potentially move?

@Beerstein, Discord

Justin L (Game Designer):
Yes and sort of, for our current AI patrols it's less of a technical issue and more of tethering by design.

Hi I have checked videos of gameplay of the game and at the start of each match the team spawns in a random location on the map. In one of the cinematic trailers you can see when the Explorers board these space shuttles and are being sent to earth. This would be a really cool way to start a match. Is this something you will include in the future?

@Qamil Miftari, Facebook

Josh (Creative Director):
This is something we would love to add to the game at some point in future, but for now our priority is on refining the main game loop. Given that we are a PvEvP experience, it's also important that starting teams have enough distance from one another to support the initial scavenging loop early in the game session. Therefore it's unlikely that we will ever support an ability for players/teams to spawn anywhere on the map (ie: you shouldn't expect to see a typical BR-style start sequence where players can drop into the map on top of one another to create PvP battles right off the bat).

TJ (Game Designer):
Expect changes here in the future; we're working on this beginning phase and plan to incorporate more of those bits you've identified into the experience.

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