Scavengers Gameplay Trailer

2 September 2020

Today, we’re very happy to share with everyone a brand new gameplay trailer.

Get ready to outthink, out fight and outlast your opponents. From deadly storms and hungry wildlife to other teams also competing for control, there’s plenty of challenges waiting for you out there on the surface of this frozen Earth.

Gear up, keep warm and above all else, survive. Return victorious and make Mother proud…

Watch our trailer here:

We’re still busy working hard on Scavengers and while there’s plenty going on behind the scenes, we’re really excited about what’s on the horizon.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, especially as we continue to test the game in our Technical Playtests and head into Closed Alpha and Beta later this year. Your thoughts and ideas are really important to us and can make a real difference to Scavengers, so please keep sharing them! We thank you for all your incredible support, every step of the way.

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Scavengers Playtest FAQ

2 September 2020

What you need to know about our Playtests and how to join them.

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