Season Interlude Extended

9 February 2022


The Season Interlude was originally planned to end on February 16th. However, as some upcoming content isn’t quite ready as planned, we have decided to extend the Season Interlude for another 3 weeks. The Interlude is now scheduled to end on Wednesday, March 9th. The next season is planned to begin a week after the Season Interlude ends.

With this extension, we will be adding additional tiers to the Season Interlude battle pass. You’ll be able to earn even more Research materials as well as an additional 400 Chips. That’s not all: we’re also adding new Chop Shop skins for the Voidbarrel, Argonaut and Opus!

We hope that you all enjoy the new wildcard weapon skins in the Season Interlude.


We are aware of an issue with the extended battle pass. Players who completed the battle pass before the extension, and continued to earn SP, may have automatically unlocked tiers in the extended battle pass; however, the items may not have been credited correctly to their account.

If you have experienced missing items with the extended battle pass tiers, please contact our Support team with a screenshot showing the highest battle pass tier that you have unlocked. Please let us know if you have any questions, or run into additional issues.

We apologize for the issues with the extended battle pass.

Fight and Flight Update

23 February 2022

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January 26th Hotfix

25 January 2022

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