Featured News

Register for the Console Closed Alpha!

20 September 2021

Registration is now open for all Xbox and PlayStation players!

QOTW - Music, Snowy Footprints, & More!

26 March 2021

Do footprints disappear? Is Scavengers free-to-play? When will it come to on console? The team answers these questions and more!

Gameplay Balance

24 March 2021

Game Designer Wix discusses the three key factors when balancing combat in Scavengers.

Questions Of The Week - 5

19 March 2021

The team answers your questions on sliding, extraction, and even how they first met!

Early Access Coming In Late April & More

17 March 2021

We’ll be back online for Early Access in late April. Plus, all the features and updates we’re busy working on.

Dev Insights: Player Progression

10 March 2021

From teamwork to effective research and resource management. We discuss the work going into player progression for Scavengers.

Questions Of The Week - 4

5 March 2021

From the day/night cycle to loot and factions, the devs have the answers to your burning questions!

Meet The Explorers

1 March 2021

Which Explorer are you? To help you start prepping your dream squad, we’ve put together a quick intro to who’s who in Scavengers...

Questions Of The Week - 3

26 February 2021

Ranked game modes and leaderboards; cosmetics, inspiration for Explorer gear. Find out the team’s thoughts on these topics and more...