May 28th Hotfix

28 May 2021


We have deployed a hotfix to address some known issues. We’re continuing to investigate and correct other issues that have been reported by you during Early Access. Keep an eye out for additional bug fixes in future updates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Cruz's sprint speed is no longer reduced when he gets hit
  • Fixed: Party leader unable to leave the match after canceling the return to Sanctuary message
  • Fixed: Players now receive the correct weapon when crafting Kali’s Heartseeker X-Fyre
  • Fixed: A teammate’s death interrupted the Keeper for another player
  • Fixed: Incorrect upload speeds at the Data Uplink for teams with less than 3 members
  • Fixed: Explorers can no longer fall through an area in Barricade
  • Continue fixing server crash issues
  • Under Investigation: Removed the ‘Party Join Failure’ message while we investigate why players are unable to dismiss the message. There is a small chance that you may not exit the game with your party - we are currently investigating this issue as well

Keep warm!

Early Access Month 1: For Keeps

28 May 2021

1 million Explorers, a (very) small update on console, and thanks for sticking with us

ScavLab is coming on Saturday, May 29th!

27 May 2021

Join thousands of other players together on our shared community platform: ScavLab!