QOTW - Animations, Limited Time Modes, and More

26 June 2021


Welcome to Questions of the Week, our regular blog where we answer some of the questions you’ve been dying to ask our team about *Scavengers.*

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It seems that the vast majority of players have worked out that it is extremely efficient to instantly split up at the start of the game to scavenge separately, and then later re-group. Is this the way you intend parties to play? Or will you be looking to change things so there is more emphasis on having to work as a squad from start to finish?

@Migwel, Discord

Ben B (Game Designer):
Funny you should ask. We want squads to be able to split, but that spreading out should be risky. It turns out it has been less risky, as it's harder to eliminate a team if you can't find the rest. There are changes, such as the Resurrection System change, that will make it more of a risk vs. reward calculation for a squad, and we're excited to see how these play out.

Will there be limited time modes in the future like 3v3v3?

@Meke Meke, Discord

TJ (Game Designer):
We have limited time modes in the works... and even a few ready to go! Stay tuned!

What's your favorite animation in the game?

@ShadowStalker, Discord

Ben B. (Game Designer):
Halden's lvl 50, aka "Stupid Sexy Halden".

Christine aka dance (Community):
Valora’s spin-jump animation! Every time I do a spin-jump it makes me so happy.

What was the most ridiculous issue that was encountered during the development of Scavengers?

@Acu1000, Discord

Kyle L (Engineer):
It's still fun to tell my friends and family that our vehicles used to starve / freeze to death.

Justin L. (Game Designer):
Every area of the map would sometimes teleport to the same part of the world creating an Escheresque level.

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