QOTW - Level Scaling, Lore, and More

22 April 2021


Welcome to Questions of the Week, our regular blog where we answer some of the questions you’ve been dying to ask our team about *Scavengers.*

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How in-depth is the lore of the game and will there be seasons that follow a story?

@Hyper, Discord

TJ (Game Designer):
There's a lot of lore. You can definitely expect to see more of it bubble to the surface over time. Right now, its primary function is to inform and inspire the building of the world, so that it bleeds through naturally and in ways we can build on over time.

Ben B (Game Designer):
There is a good rule in Tabletop RPGs: “Draw a map, but leave blank spaces.” As TJ mentioned, there is a lot of cool lore behind the worldbuilding, and you’ll need to pay attention to piece it together. There’s also a lot of “blank spaces” where mysteries can be discovered and the story can continue - we want to explore a living, changing world with you all.

Are there any plans for a quick transportation system other than the vehicles and whatever else there currently is? Like a train for example that players could just hop on to when they're near it.

@jet, Discord

TJ (Game Designer):
We have some very cool prototypes around different transportation options. I think you can definitely expect to see something on this front in the future.

Ben B (Game Designer):
I can’t believe someone with the name Jet suggested a Train. That’s like Dance suggesting a Walk.

As far as balancing is concerned, will you be looking to be regularly changing up the strength of characters and weapons to keep the 'meta' constantly changing? Or will it be a less hands-on approach only, balancing a couple of items infrequently to allow players to get used to what compositions/characters/weapons are good and bad?

@Ploj, Discord

Luke K (Game Designer):
Game balance will be constantly evaluated. Balancing characters is an especially delicate process and something we will do as needed. When adding a character/item/talent/etc. to the game, the goal is to fill an aspect of gameplay that's currently missing. Thus, the meta will be dynamic to keep the game from becoming stagnant or boring.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we don't want to make heavy changes too often or the game will feel chaotic and difficult for players to learn.

Ben B (Game Designer):
We’re going to keep improving this game for years. If I were to try and state this as a goal: we want to keep the Meta expanding, so that players can continue to explore interesting strategies and tactics. What that means is that I don’t want to see a small set of builds or characters becoming so dominant that it’s really the only way to play. We’ll adjust accordingly to encourage broad roster utilization and diverse builds.

How will scaling work for leveling?

@cataclysmicscar, Instagram

Ben B (Game Designer):
This is a deceptively big question. First, there’s 3 different levels

  1. Your level in-match: You start every game at level 1, with basic shields and no gear. As you level up, you can craft higher quality items, weapons, and stronger shields. The cost of scrap increases as well, and there is strategy around what you craft and when. Do you hoard your resources for the end-game, or use them early to prepare for mid-match PvP? You will notice in-match scaling when fighting PvE enemies, but you’ll probably be at-pace vs. PvP opponents.
  2. Explorer Level: Performing well in a match means leveling up a character. Unlike a lot of games, this doesn’t affect their stats at all, but it will unlock access to cool character-specific cosmetic content. More importantly, every Explorer Level gets you another account level…
  3. Account Level: When you level up an Explorer, your account level increases. Again, we don’t touch stats here, but we do give you a few things:

    • Increase your max Power, which lets you do more Research.
    • Get some Salvage, which will be used to research specific loadout items and weapons
    • Some Chips - which can be used to unlock Explorers, cosmetics, and boosts.

Christine aka dance (Community):
Also for full clarification, we actually don’t “scale” levels in the traditional sense because, as Wix discussed in the Gameplay Balance blog, we want to create a balance where high-level players don’t automatically win every engagement. We can do this because Explorer levels aren’t attached to power, and research levels just grant more flexibility in the loadout you bring to each match. By not attaching stats to any of these, we don’t have to ‘scale’ power (ie. A level 100 player doesn’t do 10% more damage than a level 1 player). Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a veteran, the scraps, resources, and your level in-match all depend on how well you do.

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