Join the Festival!

26 December 2021

Intrepid Explorers,

Winter has truly come to Cascade Springs. Alongside the savage dangers already lurking in the ice storms, those arctic winds are bringing some very cool surprises your way...

So get ready… and prepare for a month-long bounty of seasonal delights with our Scavengers Winter Wonderland Festival!

Through the month of December and into January 1st, 2022, we’re lining up gifts and presents for the brave Explorers among you to uncover and enjoy. Every day is a new venture, including bonus events, contests to win Scavengers swag, newly released concept art, and of course, plenty of opportunities to face off against bears, Outlanders, and other players in Scavengers.

These frosty festivities kick off on Wednesday, December 1st, when this wonderland takes over. Here’s what you can look forward to in the first week:

Week 5

  • Dec. 27: Keepers are an Explorers best friend!
  • Dec. 28: The year is winding down, but there’s still more Chips to collect
  • Dec. 29: A look at some early Explorer concept art
  • Dec. 30: Are you ready for more seasonal wallpaper?
  • Dec. 31: Plan out your days with a Scavengers calendar for January
  • Jan. 1: Ring in the new year with free Chips, Salvage, and a brand-new Title!

Week 4

  • Dec. 20: New concept art, for your eyes only...
  • Dec. 21: Your Chips reward is waiting for you, Explorer
  • Dec. 22: It’s time to SLIDE! May the best Explorer win...
  • Dec. 23: At look at what it was, before it became what it is
  • Dec. 24: Grind through those levels with Double EXP
  • Dec. 25: Grab your Winter Wonders banner today!
  • Dec. 26: Your Salvage Gift box is ready and waiting for you…

Week 3

  • Dec. 13: May the dark spirits move you with awesome artwork
  • Dec. 14: Complete a festive Challenge for more free Chips
  • Dec. 15: Concept art showcasing different weapon attack effects
  • Dec. 16: Only the best of presents for our deer-est Explorers when you face the devs in Cascade Springs on this special day...
  • Dec. 17: Wishing you and yours a happy upcoming holiday!
  • Dec. 18: Here’s some more frosty concept art for you to enjoy
  • Dec. 19: Have you gotten your Salvage Gift Box today?

Week 2

  • Dec. 6: Shhh… we’re gunning to showcase some fun art today
  • Dec. 7: Play Scavengers, earn free Chips!
  • Dec. 8: Did someone say more concept art? Yes, yes we did!
  • Dec. 9: We’ll be PINNING our festive fighting spirit on Twitter
  • Dec. 10: Double Season Points means unlocking more Battle Pass rewards!
  • Dec. 11: This icy wallpaper will surely warm your heart
  • Dec. 12: It’s another chance to nab a Salvage Gift Box!

Week 1

  • Dec. 1: Get into the festive spirit with our seasonal artwork!
  • Dec. 2: A look at previously un-seen, chilling concept art
  • Dec. 3: Your first festive party is here - everyone is invited to our Community Game Night
  • Dec. 4: Enter our Winter Wonderland Festival Sweepstakes for a chance to grab cool VIP swag!
  • Dec. 5: Hop into Scavengers to get a Salvage Gift Box

There’s plenty of goodies still lined up, so remember to check back here, every Sunday, to preview what’s in store for the next week!

Be sure to also check Twitter or Discord daily, so you don’t miss out on the exciting activities happening on the day. Are you looking forward to the Scavengers Winter Wonderland Festival as much as we are? Let us know what you’re most excited about!

Remember, keep warm out there!

Get Ready for the Season Interlude!

17 January 2022

Obtain your FREE Battle Pass to earn Chips and cool Research materials

December 16th Update

15 December 2021

Adjusted Shotgun damage, improved sniper rifle accuracy and bug fixes!