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22 March 2022

Check out the latest Scavengers update!

The Storm Arrives with Björn

21 March 2022

Get ready for an exciting season and new Explorer!

March 3rd Hotfix

2 March 2022

We’re fixing some player movement issues and giving Bulwark Salvage to drop

Watch and Earn!

24 February 2022

Receive cool Scavengers rewards when viewing Twitch streams

Fight and Flight Update

23 February 2022

New enemies, new items, and more!

Season Interlude Extended

9 February 2022

New cosmetics added to the Season Interlude

January 26th Hotfix

25 January 2022

Here’s what’s changed with this hotfix

Get Ready for the Season Interlude!

17 January 2022

Obtain your FREE Battle Pass to earn Chips and cool Research materials

Join the Festival!

26 December 2021

Rewards, contests and more throughout December!