Current Dev Focus

9 August 2021


We’re back with our latest Weekly Focus blog!

This will be a regular series where we’ll take a look at what the team is focusing their attention on this week, as well as their response to some of the top community feedback and suggestions we’ve received.

Developer Focus

Scavengers Dev Focus August 9th

Here, we’ll talk about some of the top topics that the team is working on this week. This isn’t their only focus - we’ll be highlighting only the main topics they’re focused on:

  • Shop Update: We’re preparing content for our next major update, including our biggest shop update so far! We know that you would love to see more cosmetic items and these changes will be bringing new skins for Explorers, weapons, Keepers, and more.
  • Season Point Addition: We’ve heard your feedback about adding more ways to earn Season Points. We’re working on adding Season Points to the Career Challenges. We’re also looking into other ways for players to earn Season Points during a Season.
  • Matchmaking Improvements: We’re almost ready to roll out the new matchmaking system. This new system comes with a major shift - players from different regions will be able to matchmake together, especially during low population times.
  • New Salvage: Get ready to collect new Salvage with the next major update. Join Horde Mode to earn this new Salvage once it goes live.

Top Community Feedback

Scavengers Community Feedback August 9th

We’re on this Scavengers journey with you, and we want to improve and refine the game with the feedback and suggestions from our community. Although the team is constantly going through your feedback and incorporating them into our updates and hotfixes, we haven’t had a really good way to let you know what might be coming in the medium to long term.

So, every week, we'll share our thoughts on some of the top community feedback topics that we’ve been seeing on our platforms. We may work on some of these for a future update; some of these could be part of a long-term plan and might not have a date for when they’ll arrive in Scavengers. Others, we may be investigating or considering adding, but can’t promise that you’ll see them in the game. Finally, for some, we want to continue hearing your feedback and thoughts on, to ensure we’re considering the right way to approach it. Let’s break them down:

Developer Thoughts: We love reading your feedback and sometimes, there are game reasons why certain elements are designed a certain way. When that happens, we’ll try to explain a bit of our thoughts around design.

  • Blocking Players: We want to clear up some confusion we’ve heard around the block feature. Blocking players is designed to stop their ability to communicate through voice chat and prevent them from sending friend requests. It does not, however, stop them from being matched up in the same game.
  • Weapon Skins: Currently, if you have a weapon skin it will appear on any Crafted weapon, but won’t appear on a weapon if you pick it up from a chest. Although we don’t have any immediate plans to change how the system works, we can discuss adjusting it, so that skins appear on non-Crafted weapons.
  • Using Abilities: We’ve heard your request to allow Explorers to use abilities when sliding or in the air. We’ll be discussing this internally, to decide if this is something that we want to change, or if we’re happy with how it’s currently working. We appreciate your feedback on this and as always, want to continue hearing from you - keep sharing your ideas with us!
  • Opus: The Opus is a recurring discussion topic and we’ve heard your thoughts on how powerful it feels, especially compared to similar weapons, such as Letty’s Rosie. We don’t have any definite info to share about any changes; however, we are constantly looking at weapon balance and will make adjustments as needed.

Blogs & Event

Here’s where we’ll keep you updated on what events might be happening and what blog content you might see!


The Mutator GunFu and Mutator Arsenal events will be back this Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. Keep an eye out on our Discord and social channels for exact times!


At the end of the week, we’ll also share some of our favorite player-created content and streams in the latest Community Roundup.

We’re committed to creating Scavengers with our amazing players. Please share your feedback and suggestions on Discord and Twitter and let us know your thoughts on our focus topics.

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