Calling All Content Creators!

8 April 2021

NDA Lifted For Early Access

We have exciting news for our content creators: when servers go online for Early Access in a few weeks, the NDA for streaming and content creation will be lifted!

This means that when Early Access launches, you’ll be able to stream and create content using Scavengers gameplay to share with the community.

Content Creator Program

That’s not all we have planned. Our new Scavengers Content Creator Program will be launching soon!

This program is for any Explorer who creates content. Streaming, creating videos, painting, leading a fansite - if you’re creating Scavengers content or want to add value to the community, then this is the program for you!

Joining the program gives you access to news, information, assets, and more to help you continue building great things.

If this sounds interesting to you, sign up for the Scavengers Content Creator Program. We’ll have more updates in the future!

QOTW - Data, Mobile Enemies & More!

15 April 2021

From weapon sound to random spawns, find out the answers to some of your questions!


2 April 2021

The team answers your questions on cosmetic items, how Scavengers was named, and who is their favorite Explorer!