Progression, Rewards, and Unlocked Accounts

21 May 2021


The first month of Early Access has been amazing, and we could not have done it without you. Thank you for playing, streaming, and sharing your feedback with us!

We’re excited to release our next game update next Wednesday, May 26th - check back next week for more information on what’s coming. But first, we want to talk about the upcoming account wipe that is also happening next week.

Account Progression

When Early Access began, we knew that there would be one final wipe before your progression became permanent. Having the wipe now is an important part of the process as we continue our work on the console versions of Scavengers (which is making great progress!). This allows us to integrate the console version into Scavengers multiplayer structure.

The final progression wipe will happen on Wednesday, May 26th to coincide with our game update. Any Explorers or Research you unlock, or the progress you make leveling your account will be saved from that point on!

We know the big question that is on everyone’s mind - what exactly is being lost and what is carrying over after the account wipe?

Basically with this wipe, your entire account will be reset. Your account and Explorer levels will be set back to 1 - you’ll start over with only Tarik, Halden, and Valora available immediately. Anything you purchased from the Shop will be removed, Chips will be wiped, and you’ll be starting your Research over.

Unlocked Accounts

We want to give players a chance to experience everything Scavengers has to offer before the final wipe. We’ll be unlocking accounts from Saturday, May 22nd at 12 PM PT / 8 PM BST until our next content update on Wednesday, May 26th!

All Explorers will be unlocked, making this the perfect opportunity to test out new Explorers. We’re also unlocking Research: all Talents, weapons, throwables, and items will be available! Experiment and figure out your optimal loadout as you test out your Explorers in the frozen wasteland.

Cosmetic items such as Explorer skins are not unlocked during this period. You will still need to use Chips to unlock them - just remember, they will be removed during the final wipe!

Pioneer Rewards

We appreciate the commitment and passion our players have shown so far during Early Access. In celebration and to thank you for your support, we’ll be granting Pioneer Rewards to our early adopters and players. We hope all our early Explorers enjoy these tokens of our appreciation.

You will receive additional rewards based on your account level. The higher your level, the more rewards you’ll receive - including Chips to help you unlock your favorite Explorer! Here’s what you can get, depending on your level:

Scavengers Pilgrim Backpack
  • All Active Players:
    • Pilgrim Backpack
    • Early Adopter Title
  • Account Level 10 - 24:
    • Frontrunner 1 Emblem
    • Frontrunner 1 Banner
    • 1,000 Chips
  • Account Level 25 - 49:
    • Frontrunner 1 Emblem & Banner
    • Frontrunner 2 Emblem
    • Frontrunner 2 Banner
    • 1,500 Chips
  • Account Level 50+:
    • Frontrunner 1 Emblem & Banner
    • Frontrunner 2 Emblem & Banner
    • Frontrunner 3 Emblem
    • Frontrunner 3 Banner
    • Frontrunner Title
    • 3,000 Chips

You have until the update on Wednesday, May 26th to level up your account, so take advantage of all the recently unlocked Explorers and weapons to push your account level higher to earn even more rewards!

These rewards will be added to your account after the content update on Wednesday, May 26th. We hope you enjoy your new cosmetic emblems and banners - show them off with pride!

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