QOTW - Music, Snowy Footprints, & More!

26 March 2021


Welcome to Questions of the Week, our regular blog where we answer some of the questions you’ve been dying to ask our team about *Scavengers.*

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This is a question for Mr. Kazuma Jinnouchi. If development for Scavengers will continue after the final release, do you plan to stick to Midwinter for future projects, and/or continue to write more music for Scavengers?

@SkyTrigger, Discord

Kazuma Jinnouchi (Composer):
Working with such a talented team at Midwinter Entertainment has been a lot of fun and very rewarding, especially when you have almost 10 years of great working relationship with some of the team members! I continue to look forward to any opportunities to collaborate with them. I am very excited to be writing music for Scavengers after release, and of course, on their future projects!

What is one feature that you're proud of when working on the game?

@Landon, Discord

Jeremy (UI Designer):
I am extremely proud of the work we did to build the Research system!

As Ben said in the Dev Insights: Player Progression post, part of our player progression is this Research system where players extract Salvage from in a game session, recover resources from that Salvage, and use those resources to develop new loadout recipes and Explorer talents. Meaning if you are a support player, you can progress your Explorer's loadouts in a way that is different from your friend who primarily plays DPS.

This loop allows us to reward players playing Scavengers with new and exciting ways to play with a system that is deeper than just play, level-up, repeat. It also makes for some fun gameplay moments. I get this burst of excitement when I take out another player and see a shiny rare or legendary Salvage item pop out because I know that if I can protect this Salvage and extract, I am one step closer to making my cool new thing and they aren't.

For me as a player, this is why I love Scavengers. My Cruz build can be different than your Cruz build and that dynamic makes it so that no two Scavengers matches are the same. Our community got a little glimpse of this in our Closed Beta and we took their feedback and have made some exciting changes that we can't wait to share!

Luke K (Game Designer):
I love how Letty's ability turned out. It's versatile, powerful, and fun!

Ben B (Game Designer):
It might sound silly, but I love the things I’ve named in the game. I take pride in using my games as a tool for education, and I try to drop interesting concepts into normal gameplay. I once worked on a match-3 game where I did a whole level set based on South American colonial revolutions. There are a few neat resource names that I hope you Google and dive down a Wikipedia rabbit hole!

Is the game going to be a paid-for game or free-to-play? And if it's free-to-play, is there going to be prevention of pay-to-win type obtainables?

@Atlaspain_ap, Instagram

Ben B (Game Designer):
Scavengers is a Free-to-Play title. All gameplay affecting weapons, items, and characters will be obtainable by someone playing for free, although you can acquire them faster by supporting the game with purchases. We don’t want “pay-2-win” in our game - we want you to play the fun game we’ve made!

Will footprints disappear after a storm hits or do they stay permanently?

@louiewright78, Instagram

Daniel M. (Engineer):
The storms do not currently cover up the dynamic footprints. Although, we've discussed various ways of extending both the storm system and snow deformation system to create an even more dynamic environment in the future.

Any word on a console Closed Alpha or Beta?

Anthony Aquino, Facebook

Christine (Community):
We’re still working on console availability and don’t currently have any new information to share outside of what’s already in our update blogs - check them out! When we do, we’ll be sure to announce it on our official website and social channels!

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