Technical Playtest feedback

9 April 2020

Thanks to all of you who took part in our latest Scavengers Technical Playtest!

We received a lot of great feedback from our in-game survey and wanted to share with you some of the highlights from what we learned during the technical playtest.

Whether it was your first time playing Scavengers or you were one of our many veterans playtesters, we thank you again for sharing your experiences with us. We heard a great number of war stories from survivors battling across the frozen wasteland. Tales of intense skirmishes with other players in the final match seconds, against-all-odds survival against the brutal elements, and mastering your resources to craft badass weaponry to take down the Scourge – everyone here at Midwinter was encouraged by hearing what you loved about the game.

As we have done in the past, we also compiled a list of issues that were highlighted as improvements players would like to see in the game. Below is a list of some main themes we noticed within your feedback.

Your input helps us gain a better understanding of everyone’s experience playing Scavengers, and this info is essential to the continued development and evolution of the game.

Goals and Objective Clarity

There was some difficulty understanding the game mechanics, the overall match goal, and identifying objectives during each session. Additionally, in some cases, players told us that the controls felt overly complex, particularly when using a controller.

Technical Issues

A few playtesters experienced some technical issues including framerate drops, desyncing, and lagging while playing.

Game Balance

We heard that some of you felt weapon damage needed further tuning and balancing. Others commented on the emphasis of the survival mechanics being too strong, and struggled with the balance between gameplay goals and survival.

Extraction Phase

Quite a few of you felt that the dropship was too far away when the extraction phase began, and you didn’t have enough time to travel to its location and get aboard. Conversely some of you who made it to the dropship zone felt that the extraction phase itself was too long, and there was too much standing around while you waited for the shuttle to arrive.

What’s Next…

We really appreciate all of your feedback and are already hard at work on making improvements based on some of your suggestions.

We are planning on better clarifying objectives, providing clearer information on how to play, and improving the player experience around encounters.

As part of a deep dive into the game mechanics we will be adding support for a variety of encounter types across the map. Examples: Food scavenge sites, healing item zones, scrap havens, and more.

We’re investigating and exploring improvements to the respawn system and end of match. We understand that these are important parts of our gameplay loop, and therefore we’ll be spending time on making this a better experience.

We will also continue our work on balancing scoring and shard objectives across the game.

Thanks again!

We really appreciate all of you playing Scavengers at this early stage in our development, and will continue to ask for your feedback along the way.

Keep Warm,


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