Troubleshooting your Scavengers Account

If you're having trouble creating your Scavengers account, it's likely one of the following issues which will only take a couple of mins to resolve.

I can't get into the game, but I have a steam key

If you have any problems getting into the game after getting your steam key, go to and double check that you have linked your steam account (the steam account you are playing on) and that your status is “verified”. You can see both in this screenshot

steam account verification

Once you have completed this step, restart your game client if the game isn’t “recognizing” or updating to let you play the game.

My steam account isn't linked

You can click on the “Connect” button on the Steam row on the accounts page to link it up.

I linked the wrong steam account

You can click “Disconnect” and then “Connect” and make sure to log into the correct Steam account.

My account isn’t "verified"

You can click “Sign out” and then log in via the same email again to verify your email.

I accidentally typed the wrong email address

If you type in a email you don’t have access to, visit log out of the account and start the flow again, typing in the email you want to use.

If you keep getting logged into the “wrong” account you should be able to visit after starting the flow in the game client and then “Disconnect” the steam account, “Sign Out”, and then attempt the flow again typing in the correct email address.

I'm still stuck!

If none of the above is working, please email us