All You Need to Know About Console Closed Alpha

Console Closed Alpha is the exciting next stage for Scavengers, where we welcome console players to our community of Explorers across all three platforms (PC, Xbox, and PlayStation).

Closed Alpha is the opportunity for players to experience an early version of Scavengers on console across PlayStation and Xbox. We’re looking for players to help test and define the game’s ongoing development - your participation and feedback are key!

Closed Alpha is a technical preview of Scavengers on console, it isn’t a final, polished version.

It’s still a work in progress and we will be updating, refining and improving on it over time to reach the same level of quality as the PC experience. As a result, you can expect differences to Scavengers on PC, as well as additional bugs, varied performance, and balance issues. However, by participating, you get to be some of the earliest Console Explorers to venture into the frozen wasteland of Scavengers, and join the development team in this crucial step in the game’s development.

How can I sign up for Console Closed Alpha?

All you have to do is click on the “Register for the Console Alpha” button at the top of this website and fill out the submission form. Your request to be a part of the program will then be processed.

When will I receive my key for the Console Closed Alpha?

We send out our Console Closed Alpha keys in batches, usually on a weekly basis. We have a limited set of keys, so it’s first come, first served. Register early so that you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

What’s expected from me in the Closed Alpha test?

We need you to play Scavengers on your console (Xbox and PlayStation)! We’ll also be asking for your feedback, and to report any bugs you may encounter. Closed Alpha is a key time for us to test and improve on the Scavengers console experience, so we’re looking for players who want to help us test and develop the game!

How long is the Closed Alpha “turned on” for?

There are no time restrictions on the Closed Alpha. Once you redeem your Closed Alpha key, you can play Scavengers at any time.

How long will the game stay in Alpha?

Until it’s ready. We will continue to test, polish and improve the experience based on your feedback until we’re happy to share the Scavengers console experience with a wider audience.

What functions are available in the game?

The standard game modes (Expedition and Horde) are fully playable.

ScavLab is not included/supported right now. Additionally, we have disabled all microtransactions on console platforms during this Closed Alpha test.

What platforms is the game available on?

We support the Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Do next-gen consoles see any kind of special benefits?


What about cross-play?

Cross-play is enabled by default, and you will play against players on all three platforms. We prioritize our matches based on input type, so we try to match players with controllers against other players with controllers, and KB+M players with other KB+M players.

However, you may be matched with other input types during low population times.

Cross-play can be disabled from the game’s settings menu.

How do I report bugs?

If you are a member of our Discord server, please submit your bug via our bug report found there. If not, we ask that you submit your bug via our Player Support portal.

What regions is Scavengers available in?

During the Closed Alpha, we support North/South America, Europe, and Asian countries (outside of China and Japan)

Other countries may be added at a later date.

Does my progress carry over to the full release?

YES! Anything you unlock/earn in Scavengers during the Closed Alpha is yours to keep for the duration of the Closed Alpha, and will automatically carry over into the full release of the game. There will be no account wipe.

What about microtransactions / purchases?

Nothing in the game is purchasable during the initial phases of the Closed Alpha test. This is due to platform requirements.

If microtransactions are turned off, how can I get a free Battle Pass?

To thank you for being part of our Closed Console Alpha test, you can claim the current season's Battle Pass for FREE. All you need to do is go to the Shop (far right along the top bar), navigate to the Season category, and then claim the Battle Pass. That’s it!

Do I need PlayStation Plus to play on my PS4/PS5?

Yes, Playstation Plus is required to play on PS4 and PS5.

Do you offer cross-progression/cross-save?


Can I stream or post videos of my gameplay from the Console Closed Alpha?

Yes! You are free to stream, create, and share Scavengers content.

Can I share my impressions of the Console Closed Alpha online on my blog or sites like Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and other social platforms?

Yes, feel free to share your impressions of the console CLosed Alpha with others.

Can I still earn the Season rewards?

Yes, you can! If you redeem a Battle Pass using in-game currency, you can earn Season rewards.